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About Me

Mamun have around nine years of experience in the field of adolescent development, food security and governance where research, monitoring and evaluation were his key expertise. These experiences coupled with his academic background, interest and skills. His Master’s degree in Anthropology involved with advanced course on research methodology and a dissertation focusing HIV/AIDS and youth behavior which was his entrance in the field of research. Currently he is working for CARE Bangladesh and supporting to operationalize the MEL activities of its Tipping point; innovation and advocacy in addressing underlying causes of child marriage project. From this role he has gathered hands on experience on outcome mapping for assessing the result of the project. Before CARE he leaded two Dutch funded projects titled “Girl Power” and “Suddenly not a child anymore” in Bangladesh. In those project his focus was in overall development and management of projects. Through those projects, he helped to develop a community based child protection mechanism to save the rights of girl child and introduced nontraditional games including football and karate among 4000 girls to foster their inner confidence, mobility and participation. He is a SIDA change agent and has volunteered on child marriage and reproductive health for deprived adolescent in some coastal islands of Bangladesh. He has attended a number of International training/ workshop and played focal point role for communication with different international network like Girls Not Brides. He has excellent report writing and communication skill. Mamun enjoy focusing on the topic of child rights, youth, and women empowerment and have strong passion for gender and sexuality.

My Vision

To work for the deprived poor people especially for the youth


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