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Funds offered by Digital Defenders Partnership

Manasa Ram Raj
Posted July 2, 2020 from India

DDP offers different types of funding:
- Incident Emergency Funding - The funding provided can be up to €10,000 and can be used to cover costs which will directly reduce the risk or impact of a digital attack. The funding covers activities for a maximum of four months, and we aim to respond to requests within two weeks.
- Sustainable Protection Funding - aims to help human rights organisations (including journalists, grass-roots social movements, etc) build their digital security capacities over a longer period. This can include improvements to infrastructure, hardware, or software; awareness-raising and training of staff; moving data to more secure servers, and much more. The funding provided can be up to €50,000.
- Regional Partnership Funding - supports initiatives promoting online freedom and digital protection for human rights defenders which operate in a single country or region. These can include initiatives which provide digital or holistic security support to human rights defenders, and support access to a free and open internet. The funding provided can be up to €50,000.
- Community and Network Funding - supports initiatives for building skills, capacities, collaboration, and exchange among organisations and individuals working on internet freedom, rapid response, digital or holistic security for human rights defenders. Activities supported include the organisation of regional or global collaborative meetings among rapid responders, training of trainers, and professional capacity development for members of CiviCERT. The amount available varies from call to call. The next call for applications is delayed until further notice.
- Global partnership Funding - supports multi-regional initiatives which adopt a holistic approach to internet freedom and digital protection of human rights defenders. Global Partnership Funding is renewable yearly for four years.

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Jill Langhus
Jul 03, 2020
Jul 03, 2020

Thanks, Manasa!