What They Got.?

Posted February 18, 2012 from India

I was going through some articles about famous rulers in the history of the world.. when I read the chapter about Alexander and Hitler, a question arose in my mind unknowingly.. " Atlast, what they got by doing all these things..?'' Did Alexander ever expect that he will die untimely with none to attend on him in the wooden stand of an oxcart.. without fulfilling his dream of a owning a world empire..?

Never.. but was destined to die like that..!

and Hitler, didnt even imagine that he will kill himself with his lover..? Never.. but it was his fate...

then the question again... What They Got..?

Nothing, but the curse of victims, whose saliva had been exhausted by spitting the brutal face of their own destiny created by Hitler.

I do believe This Rulers could have change the world by giving food and shelter instead of weapons.. They didnt know the special knowledge about the power of love.. If they had that knowledge, they can conquer the world through the hearts and they would be remembered by posterity as the Rulers who change the world...!

BUT they couldnt.. and they died..!

You and me... we are alive.. we can decide.. should we learn lesson from the past or not... so dont try to be a demon in anybody's life atleast.., even if we failed to be an angel in this life..

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