Human self-sustainability

Posted October 23, 2020 from Zimbabwe

Lupane Women's Development Trust has successfully established diverse income to start on economic self sustainability. We, however, have realised that most of our members are adult women and with time might be redundant as they will not be able to work. We are embarking on a youth investment programme through, training, mentorship and capacitation of youth. We are looking for partners who can help us

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Oct 24
Oct 24

Hi Manyathi,
Congratulations about the Lupane Women's Development Trust and all that you do. 'Great that you are being proactive to include youths now. I love your sense of foresight.

Hurrrrraaaayyyy for sharing your first post and trust that you would find partners in no distant future.

Keep writing and shining, Sis. :)


E. J.

Hello, Manyathi,

Finally! You wrote your first post. Congratulations!
I joined E.J. in congratulating you on the establishment of Lupane Women's Development Trust! Wow, that's a huge milestone. You must all be proud of this success. Amazing! We celebrate with you! Thank you for sharing this with us.

Nini Mappo
Oct 27
Oct 27

Hello Manyathi,
Congratulations on launching your trust, and training others in economic self sustainability which is so vital. Wishing you well on the journey ahead.