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About Me

Born and raised in Maunatlala village in Botswana, the youngest and only girl child, I have 5 brothers who have always being my pillars, supportive of my dreams and a great inspiration. I am currently a Human Resources Officer and hoping to climb the ladder as I learn and become better in my profession. Having a passion to help young girls, I'm busy feeding my mind with all the necessary information that I will need as I take this adventurous journey, building a network with local young women who share the passion and working towards our dream, one step at a time. Baby steps are steps and they matter a great deal to me so, I'll be taking those until I can work and ultimately run with my purpose.

Volunteer at BW Jobs 4 Graduates Empowerment of girls and young women, Leadership, education... Human Resources, Leadership and empowerment

My Vision

A future where young girls and women don't experience stereotypical barriers to climbing corporate ladders as high as they can, where young girls value their worth and love themselves for who they are not what the media tells them.