Margaret Peck

Marg Peck
Posted November 25, 2017 from Australia
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After 30 years as a health practitioner, I am inspired to work with young women and women health professionals. I support them to find out the who and why of themselves. Supporting woman to find their voice, their values, their meaning and purpose mean that she will connect with her gift and offering to the world. The more young girls and woman who know who they are and why they are here, the more hope we have for change for life on this planet.

Thank you for your vision and network. I am just finding my voice after a lifetime of fear and staying small and guardedfor fear of being stoned to death or burnt at the stake. I am a white woman in Australia and still have not managed to find my homeland as I am living in an occupied, colonised land of hostility and denial regarding indigenous and human rights. I have had the blessing to be in New Zealand for a year and experience Maori culture and stories, to watch the revitalisation of a culture, reclaiming language, worldview and land. The Maori philosophy and interconnected approach to mind, body, spirit and land. The acknowledgement of mother earth, the feminine power and creation of all things and the interweaving of the masculine and feminine have been a blessing to really feel embodied. The hope for reconciliation, the hope for change, the hope for regathering inspires me. Having been a health practitioner for 30 years I would love to move into the field of inspiring young women, supporting them to find their voice, to allow them to know they can make a difference, to find their own way in the world to their purpose. If a woman truly connects with herself, to her values, to what matters most to her and what her purpose is, it would usually be something that is going to being empowering for her, for others and be in the best interests of the planet. Feeling connected and inspired to link together and lift each other up in all ways we can.

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Jensine Larsen
Feb 04, 2018
Feb 04, 2018

Dear Margaret,  thank you for joining World Pulse, I hope you enjoy exploring and reveling in the glory of women expressing themselves without censor or fear.   You are brave to speak out yourself and the Maori culture offers so much healing for our world.    I love that you are finding your way.  There are so many young women working on Health care initiatives here in World Pulse, I hope you enjoy searching and uncovering them - a few words of encouragement will go a long way!

Jun 22, 2018
Jun 22, 2018

Hi Margaret and welcome to World Pulse! I've been absent for some months now and I got to your post in these first readings of 2018. Some years ago I used to be a radio journalist in Patagonia, and I went after an interview for months to a Mapuche woman who had dedicated to travel around the region, recovering the oral history of her people. When I read your line 'the hope for regathering', it came back to me that interview and Soraya saying 'we need to re-enchant with ourselves'. The first step to be visible and stand on our grounds again. Thank you so much for your inspiration and this memory... Looking forward to read much more from your way!

Esther Bature Odinakachi
Aug 08, 2018
Aug 08, 2018

Thank you Margret, for choosing to guide other women to discover who they are, and what they can offer the world. That will make a better world. May God grant you more wisdom to keep up the good works!