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Marg Peck
Posted November 25, 2017 from Australia
Expired on December 31, 2017
Lifewise supporting growth, vision and change.

I am a health practitioner of 30 years. I am now offering mentoring and support to young women and women health practitioners. I am coaching women to become "lifewise". To be life wise is to know who you are and why you are here. Values, purpose and mission matter. When women find out who they are, what matters to them, how to access their voice and what they have to offer they will be empowered and empower others. When women connect with what matters to them most, we will have hope for change in the world. When we support the feminine to rise across the planet and we may see restoration, human rights, and an honouring of life and our beautiful planet. I am offering my resources of time and learning to support and mentor young women and health practitioners who are looking for direction, encouragement and coaching.

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Share that you saw my offering on the world pulse. If we feel like the match is right, then I would like to offer you my coaching and support free of any charge as part of my contribution to world change. 

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