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About Me

In 2003 I graduated from college and found my first job that Summer to be one working for a non-profit that focused on the environment. I had never before been around so many passionate, committed, intelligent, politically informed individuals. It was an incredible experience that helped to shape the way I saw how people can motivate change, even just one person.

At the time I had an interest working to protect the environment but I did not anticipate how much inspiration I would glean from other people with similar interests, not only in environmental preservation but human rights, feminism, equal rights, health care reform... So many causes that I had felt were important throughout college but had no idea what one was to actually do about them.

I learned that even in small gestures we can begin to make changes. When people understand the lives of others I believe they look beyond their own personal needs and desires and they find the will to seek change where there is inequality and injustice. Getting one's voice heard is a huge step in promoting understanding. People are listening. I feel like I was one of those people six years ago and now I'm ready to do more to promote positive changes in the world and help others do the same. I love: getting to know new people, travel, books and photography. Being in the moment; not in the past or the future.

My Vision

I believe Ghandi said it best, "Be the change you want to see in the world".