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Maria Jett
Posted December 19, 2007 from United States

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Eugene Frank
Dec 19, 2007
Dec 19, 2007

Let us learn about each other. We are friends and associates after all.

Maria, I like your new picture. I also noticed you are interested in the Dance.

One of the most exciting experiences in my life happened about 50 years ago. I had just begun to be interested in ballet. My mother and I were able to get seats in the fourth row of "Sleeping Beauty". For the first time, the entire ballet was put on in the United States by the Sadler Wells Ballet Company with Maria Tallchief as lead dancer.

Watching the Rose Adagio, where the lead dancer is on her toes being spun slowly by the men as she accepts a flower from each of 4 or 5 dancers was a moment of ecstasy.