Reveal Yourself: Locating and Filling Out Your Personal Profile

Maria Jett
Posted September 18, 2007 from United States

To access your account when you return to PulseWire, you’ll need to enter the user name and password you created when you registered for an account. This is your personal password, which is different from the general access password given to Beta testers.

Forgotten your password?

1) After you’ve logged in, select “MyVoice” from the top navigation bar to view your personal profile. You won’t see much at first, but a full profile is crucial for getting the most from your PulseWire experience. It is your “personality portal”—a way for you to introduce and identify yourself to the community. All content you post on PulseWire will link readers here.

2) Select “Manage My Profile” to add more information. A charismatic profile will contribute greatly to your community building efforts. Do take a moment to upload a personal photo from your computer and fill in your details so others will know who they’re connecting with.

3) In the interest of fostering connectivity and trust within our small community, PulseWire also requests that you:

*Please use your real name. (Unless revealing your identity will endanger your safety.) *Include as much information on your profile as you are comfortable sharing. *Choose a photo that shows your face. *Paint an authentic “character sketch” of yourself. Include vivid, honest descriptions of your passions, home, work, family and dreams.

4) After making additions to your profile, submit your changes and return to MyVoice. We suggest you begin your tour of PulseWire with a quick overview of the features offered. Move your mouse over the navigation bar on the left side of the page to begin exploring PulseWire’s offerings. These icons and quick-links will appear throughout the site when you are logged in, giving you easy access to program pages and the forms you’ll use to post content.

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