Wings of the Butterfly: Invisible Women in History who made amazing contributions

Maria Suarez Toro
Posted January 28, 2020 from Costa Rica
Wold Pulse Aniuxe. Exercising diving with a purpose in Costa Rica´s Caribbean
Vision 2020 is the Centro Comunitario de Buceo Ambassadors of the Sea new campaign to teach young women and girls scuba diving with a purpose in Costa Rica. In order to so that, women who are already doing it have to have visibility of other to know that they also can. References are important when invisiblilization has been used to make us think we cannot. Aniuxe, a World Pulse blogger is one of them in this photo.
Gloriana Brenes, presidente of the Centro is a good diver with a purpose too.
Gloriana Brenes, presidente of the Centro is a good diver with a purpose too.: Gloriana Brenes presides the initiative in the Southern Caribbean and a good observer underwater. She can find objects that the rest of us often miss! (1/3)

Wings of the Butterfly was my doctoral dissertation in 2009 where I rendered visibility to 34 women for all walks of life in all the sciences, that made amazing contributions to their field of knowledge but were not acknowledged for them. My PDH was is holistic approach to knowledge that stems form quantum physics. It changed my paradigm! After that, I was never able to took or even try to approach knowledge only from the scientific method but integrating ancestral knowledge to it. 

Those women were invisible not only because they were in the shadow of famous men, but because they had a different approaches (and paradigms) about the mainstream scientific approach.

I am happy that today many of them are getting to be known because 11 Yara go they were not.  It is not that I have done it. Mine was a mere contribution. It was part of the women´s movement, therefore many others have contributed to such visibility today.  For example, my dissertation was made into a theatre show by the women's movement and it was taken by us thought Central America and South Africa.   


See extracts of the show:

Today many of them are known. One is the case of Mileva Maric, Eistenin´s first who was an amazing mathematician and he knew none when he did his paper about photoelectricity. He won the Nobel for it by erasing her name and therefore, taking the credit for the math in it!!!!!!    Mileva

Another one was Lynn Margullis, geneticist and wife of Carla Sagan. She challenged his assumption that life came for another plates by doing kitchen experiments first, where she enventualy proves that life was born right in our magnificent Planet out of cells and genes. Lynn Margullis

I also features the Afro American women who designed the computer language and programs and and space math for the NASA space ship program in the USA.    I was happy to learn this month of the wonderful movie about them.  

Hidden Figures

And even the story of Rosa Parks, by no means invisible, had to be told from the continuity of her personal comittment, not only  the movement´s. I did my version of that but now there is a even broader one with the recent testimony of her nice.

And I also did an imaginary letter of the role of Lucy in changing the patriarchal paradigm of anthropology. She is considered the oldest skeleton of a hominid. In my research she challenges assumptions about the origins of humans sanding up, which happened in women's bodies, not men's hunting skills. 

Now I have created a character, another Lucy ... but this time a sea light by the Yoruba name Tona Ina. she is telling the amazing story of young men and women in Costa Rica´s Southern Caribbean contributing to a scientific and cultural discovery of untold stories that lie in shipwrecks in the bottom of the sea in their communities.

In such effort, not only the credit, but the VISIBILITY  should be given those who participate, not only to me who writes about it!!!!  I have flown to understand that. This was my flight when I turned 60.

Fun what makes you come to terms with flight!


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Jill Langhus
Jan 29
Jan 29

Hello Maria,

What lovely photos. I wish I would've learned how to scuba dive. Now I'm too chicken...ha:-)

Thanks for sharing the synopsis of your PHD dissertation as well as your amazing, YouTube show link.

I'm looking forward to seeing what your next project is.

Hope you have a great week!

Anita Shrestha
Jan 29
Jan 29

Dear Marija
You are writing insightful piece. Dear keep it continue. I like following sentences
''Those women were invisible not only because they were in the shadow of famous men, but because they had a different approaches (and paradigms) about the mainstream scientific approach.''

Maria Suarez Toro
Jan 29
Jan 29

Indeed, invisibility is always political ... usually about hiding!

Anita Kiddu Muhanguzi

Hi Maria,
I admire the scuba diving and hope one day I will eventually try it out. Thanks for sharing the synopsis of your PHD. It is interesting that women are invisible when they have a different approach to certain things in life. Thank you for pointing that out.
Have a lovely day.

Maria Suarez Toro
Jan 30
Jan 30

Come to us to dive!

Jan 30
Jan 30

Hi Maria , hope you are doing ok
Thank you for sharing, it is very inspiring.
Love and blessings

Hello, Maria,

Congratulations on your impressive study on bringing into light the contributions of 34 underrecognized women. It's very intriguing that you were able to consolidate ancestral knowledge to mainstream scientific approach. Wow! I do believe that we can truly learn from the wisdom of our ancestors, too.

I love the movie Hidden Figures! We're so grateful to women who fought and defied the odds to make this world a better place. Thank you for acknowledging them. You are among them!

Thank you for sharing!

Maria Suarez Toro
Feb 03
Feb 03

We are all followers of their legacies when we defend our rights

True! Have a great day, dear!

Beth Lacey
Feb 04
Feb 04

These are great. You are doing good work to provide this visibility

Maria Suarez Toro
Feb 04
Feb 04

Thank you

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