4 th Results of Mano Vuelta COVID 19 Campaign

Maria Suarez Toro
Posted June 2, 2020 from Costa Rica
Mariana Valls. about food sovereignty
Mariana Valls. about food sovereignty: Zoom by phone, sa there was no computer (1/1)

Achievements So Far

Just two months into the development of this initiative in the area, Mano Vuelta has had some important achievements in all areas, in addition to those it shares in food and essentials with all the other initiatives in the South Caribbean.

• Has designed a strategy that has bridged the gap between food assistance and reactivation of local economy

• C2,350,000.00 in direct twinning, deposited in warehouses have been converted into a total of 120 bags of food and an additional 84 bags received from a donation, with a total of 204 bags of food distributed.

• 19 “twinnings”, each providing two months in food contribution, from which 15 productive ventures arose.

• 10 additional adults and their families receiving food sporadically according to their needs, some with terminal cancer and others without possibilities to work due to age.

• 904 bags of food including 300 bags of rice (half a ton) and 400 bags of sugar (half a ton)

• Total: 29 adults and their families twined directly

• 15 new economic and cultural revival projects

• 4 local food warehouses involved, providing discounts, care measures in deliveries, resource management and discounts

• 6 donor companies involved

• 1 charity association involved

• 4 adults and 3 young people organizing the initiative

• coordination and sharing with all other local campaigns

• Media coverage in radio, press and networks, focused on brotherhood and self-activation linked to welfare

• Bartering between indigenous highland population and coastal communities promoted

• Having integrated immediate food, linked to the regeneration of local production and eventual tourism

• Having managed with the National Institute of Fisheries (INCOPESCA) the permits to fish in this period

• Activated an empowerment of hope and agency of elder population

• Production of a calypso and a rap

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Dawn Arteaga
Jun 03
Jun 03

Wow Maria! Felicitaciones!! You are doing incredible work.

Maria Suarez Toro
Jun 04
Jun 04


Hello, Maria,

How are you doing? Wow, these achievements are worth celebrating! I also love the photo of Mariana holding her phone to participate in a Zoom call.

Thank you for sharing this with us.

Maria Suarez Toro
Jun 04
Jun 04

Ha, I´d ike to do a zoom meeting form the ocean again!

Tamarack Verrall
Jun 03
Jun 03

Hi Maria,
Congratulations on this extensive work! This stands out for me: • 4 adults and 3 young people organizing the initiative. What a tremendous amount you have accomplished, and in so many ways! What a blueprint for others of us to follow.

Maria Suarez Toro
Jun 04
Jun 04

Yes, Tam we are very happy. Soon we wi have a proper point presentational in English and I´d love to do do a zoom conference about weaving socia fabric to get things done in community.

I´d lIike to apologize for not writing more and also not to get more women engaged in writing here (although they know World Pulse very well by my sharing) but the language issue is real tough. I have had to design a different strategy to get World Pulse to be known and I do it though public radio in Spanish.

And while I cannot join may of the zoom meetings, I stay very connected because it is important for our far away community. I´d like to know how I can advance to get my ambassadors id card because it opens venues for the connections. I spend most of my time in activist activities and tomorrow I turn 72 so it lis not easy, but it is great.

Regards, Maria

Jun 07
Jun 07

Thank you for sharing.

Anita Shrestha
Jun 09
Jun 09

Thank you for sharing