Healing through Creative Action

Marianne Inchley
Posted September 22, 2020 from Australia

Since the #MeToo movement, I began to notice many more stories emerging from my clients in my kinesiology practice. Whilst it was wonderful for women to feel a whole lot more comfortable to share their stories and heal the wounds of the past, I noticed myself feeling a sense of powerlessness. Too many women have too many stories to tell. When will it end? 


That was when I decided to transform my own feelings of powerlessness into creative action and make some art. This is the place from which my music video “Into the Storm” was born. I danced for womankind. 


In my healing practice, I specialise in helping people free their voices and liberate their true selves. I have found that many women drawn to my work have suffered and survived abuse in many forms. Their way to survive was to stay unobtrusive, small and quiet. The voice healing work helps people re-wire their nervous systems to know they are safe to literally come out of their shells. The walls of fear and shame begin to melt and the connection to unconditional self-worth is made. We are all worthy of love and support and living a fulfilled life on our own terms. It’s my privilege to help people come to this realisation themselves, in a gentle, often joyful process. 


When I think of the feminine, I think of the deep, open, receptive place within. A place of being, as opposed to doing. A place where deep feeling, sensing, seeing and intuition comes from. My whole process of creating this video was from this place; a process of listening and allowing the work to speak to me. Up until the very end, it was quite mysterious. I allowed the characters to speak through me in the dance and then in meditation I spoke to each of the characters, asking them what their part in the story was. 


From the dream I had to dance at the Pink Lakes (Victoria Australia), to the completion of the project this year, was a span of about 3 years. The process transformed me and it is my hope that there is something contained in this for all who view it. There is so much power when our voices are driven by love. Love for ourselves, love for others and love for this beautiful earth that sustains us. My belief is that through healing ourselves, we are healing the whole. Using art as a healing tool allows us to create beauty from suffering, whilst offering others an experience in the process. 


I have heard it said - if you don’t own your story then your story owns you. I am grateful for all the different platforms that are rising to support the voices of women to share their stories. Thankyou for giving me this opportunity to share my art with an audience that feels like a safe haven in which to be received. May all women know they are free to stand in their power and speak their truth and may all women have access to the support they need to do this safely.

In love,


This story was submitted in response to Art for Change.

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Karen Quiñones-Axalan
Sep 23, 2020
Sep 23, 2020

Hello, Mariane,

Welcome to World Pulse! I'm glad that a new voice from Down Under is rising up!

Wow, it took you three years to complete this project. It's amazing how dancing has been a healing experience for you. What are the lyrics of the song? Thank you for sharing this artwork with us. I agree, we should own our stories!

We love to know more about you and your work. Please continue writing! We are happy you are here.

Welcome again to our growing sisterhood!

Sep 24, 2020
Sep 24, 2020

Welcome to World Pulse Marianne :)

I love this " May all women know they are free to stand in their power and speak their truth and may all women have access to the support they need to do this safely."

Thank you for sharing your beautiful story!


Nini Mappo
Sep 24, 2020
Sep 24, 2020

Hello Marianne,
Welcome to World Pulse, I love your resourcefulness in transforming your powerlessness into art with the intention to heal others. I was curious as to the inspiration behind wearing mask/costume in the dance, since it was meant to help others 'peel off their masks' and come into the open. I'm sorry to have to ask, but art is depth and sometimes is best interpreted by the artist, otherwise the meaning might be lost.
Welcome again to this sisterhood, we look forward to reading more from you.

Sabiha Hasan
Sep 24, 2020
Sep 24, 2020

This is really good that you are helping women to heal themselves. Keep it up!

Shirin Dalaki
Sep 24, 2020
Sep 24, 2020

Dear Marianne,

Welcome to WP and thank you for sharing your story and art with us. I love it that you are owning your own story, this is where your power comes from and it is only unique to you. I love to know more about you and to let you know that you are safe on WP. We are here to encourage and support one another and give this message to the world that we stand in solitude and sisterhood to empower and inspire the way you inspired us with your words, art and music.


Beth Lacey
Oct 14, 2020
Oct 14, 2020

Love the video!

Anita Kiddu Muhanguzi

Hello Mariane,
Thank you so much for sharing. We need more women like you. Thank you for helping women heal. We all have wounds and we need to heal to be stronger and be free in our own skins. This is a great reminder that we indeed need to be there for each other.
Stay blessed and looking forward to more of your posts.

Apr 26
Apr 26

This is amazing and inspiring. Thank you for sharing- and for joining World Pulse!

Kat Haber
Apr 30
Apr 30

Dance on Marianne wot shemanity! Sparkle, ripple, sing, rise...into the eye of the storm. May Peace Prevail in our Places. May your footprints leave peace from your path.

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