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A mental illness' diagnosis is not a death sentence

Marie Abanga
Posted September 22, 2020 from Cameroon

Do you know that being diagnosed with a mental illness is not a death sentence? That you are not that mental illness and that recovery is possible?

When I got a mental health diagnosis of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder in August 2014, I felt different emotions. On the one hand I was happy to finally have a label or name I could blame for all the rollercoaster life I have lived so far, and all the accompanying trauma (plus its effects and side effects); and on the other had I didn't know how to tell my family that 'I too now had a mental illness'. 

6 years on, I am not only living a great, thrilling and sometimes challenging life, but that diagnosis has fuelled my purpose. I am so passionate to use my lived experience to demystify and destigmatize mental illness.


I am launching an Awareness and Anti-stigma campaign for mental illness in Cameroon. Support me and my organization. Share a picture of support or get someone with a lived experience to join me.

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Hello, Marie,

If you didn't say it, I wouldn't even know that you have PTSD. But you are an inspiration! Labels cannot keep you from becoming the best version of you. Yes, a mental illness diagnosis is not a death sentence. Thank you for modeling how to live life after a diagnosis.

What does it mean to share a picture of support, dear? What should be on the photo? That's a great campaign for raising awareness. Hoping for the best, and I look forward to reading your updates!

Marie Abanga
Oct 07
Oct 07

Wow Kaye,
indeed a mental illness is not necessarily recognized by looking at someone ...and that's the whole point isn't it?
My pleasure dear
The pictures can carry any message the person wants which relates to mental illness awareness and no to stigma.
Light and Love

Sep 23
Sep 23

Of course not, Marie. Mental illness is not a death sentence and I must say hearty congratulations on your new initiative. Very thoughtful of you. Nice landing page too. I just visited your page.

Please, keep up the good work and count me in as one of your cheerleaders.

Thank you for giving back to the society through your own experience. Of course, there is much more to life than the stigmas. Every family practically deals with bipolar issues consciously or unconsciously.

Love and hugs, Sis.
E. J.

Marie Abanga
Oct 07
Oct 07

Dear E.J,

Thank you for being such a cheer leader hurray, I really appreciate, and love kindness in giving such kind feedback about my landing page,
I sure will keep up the good work, I love helping with my experiences because that's my purpose actually, My hope is that one day there is no more stigma and shame and pain especially due to a mental illness diagnosis,
Light and love all the way

Sep 30
Sep 30

Totally agree with you. Mental illness does not define who we are or what we can become.
Brave heart! All the best in your remarkable journey ahead.

Marie Abanga
Oct 07
Oct 07

Dear Karinvk,

Thank you so much for looking it at same way, We are all brave-hearts right?
Light and love dear