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Recovery is possible: think of my story

Marie Abanga
Posted January 1, 2021 from Cameroon
Happy new year 2021
Photo taken 31/12/2020

Happy new year world,

I love hitting the new year running, 2020 probably taught many of us that there's no time to waste hahahaha. One minute dance and the next minute GLOBAL PANDEMIC.

Imagine the panic, and then the double panic for those already living with a mental illness like myself.  I almost had a relapse again, PTSD sucks. But, I know recovery is possible because I have recovered to a point where I really don't look or feel not even on meds any more.

It is true we might become kinda weird lol...self care is sometimes viewed as selfish by some especially those who had been used to having you their 'riddle' at their beck and call. The highly extrovert me I once masked myself to be, has now become what I'll call an "extroverted introvert".

Many factors contributed to my being diagnosed with PTSD, top of which was a very toxic, abusive and volatile marriage. It'll soon be 11 years since I abandoned that 'shame & sham' of a marriage. 

I am free, I am recovered, and I am loving life enough to unreservedly share my journey with you all, to inspire, motivate, and encourage someone.





How many people have you impacted since your last update?


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Tamarack Verrall
Jan 01
Jan 01

Dear Marie,
You are a walking, dancing proof of the possibilities of healing, and are so inspiring. "extroverted introvert". I love that. So true that at times we really have to push past our shy selves to take part fully in this chance we have to be alive.
Deep love, dear Sister.

Marie Abanga
Jan 02
Jan 02

Dearest Tam,

Hurray am a walking dancing lady - I will keep this in mind all through 2021 and then when the blues threaten I will put on some real music hurray
Light and love
Jan 01
Jan 01

Dearest Marie,
Thank you so much for having the courage to show us your vulnerabilities, which in reality are your strengths. I applaud your brave spirit. It sounds like you really searched and explored to reveal your truth and essence to yourself. I am so happy for you. You took ahold of the right tools, learned how to use them. You sharpened them and you continue to find different ways to get results. You encourage me and I thank you for that. All of us have a level of mental health to question, explore, maintain, or seek help for. Most of us never even question our mental health. We take care of the body, but the mind is on it's own, and it's the control center of everything we do. Thank you for bringing this to the world table. I am grateful.
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Marie Abanga
Jan 02
Jan 02

Dearest JoMarie,

Thank you so much. You are right I did and still do so much work because I so love this AUTHENTIC ME, I don't even feel scared by vulnerability again one bit - indeed it is a STRENGTH. I wish us all so so much and am excited to see some of me the Ambivert and the Omnivert - thanks for sharing sis and have a great new year
Hugs always, Marie

Beth Lacey
Jan 15
Jan 15

Good for you! Self-care is not selfish. If you are not well, you can't lift others up. I wish you continued good health