Mariama Kallon
Posted October 12, 2020 from Sierra Leone
Educate the girl child they are not traders. (1/1)

International day of girl child is being celebrated yesterday.the year the theme of international day of the girl child is" My voice,Our equal future". the theme focused on inclusion,gender quality,and listening to what girls want,their dreams and aspirations...

International day of the girl child is a United Nations designated day,observed every year on the 11th October.This year, the day of the girl child is also significant as  'GENERATION EQUALITY' Champaign has been launched.It is a "MULTI-YEAR, MULTI-PARTNER CAMPAIGN AND MOVEMENT FOR BOLD ACTION ON GENDER EQUALITY" In a pandemic year,a clear agenda and multi-pronged approach are essential to look after the needs and opportunities of adolescent girls."Support girls,listen to girls,help girls realize their dreams". Henrietta H Fore,The executive director of UNICEF said in a tweet yesterday and It so true!


​​​​​​For me as a woman,this day means do not let wicked culture destroys the dreams and aspirations our girl children,give them a space to grow for them to realise their potential,save the girl child!


What does this mean to you?

Tell us in the comment box.

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Jill Langhus
Oct 14
Oct 14

Hello Dear Mariama,

How are you doing, dear? Thanks for sharing your cute photo and post. That's a good message. International Day of the Girl means to let all girls be heard and to live out their dreams, whatever that may be for them.

Hope you're safe and well. XX

Nini Mappo
Oct 17
Oct 17

Hello Mariama,
I love that photo, even if the girls are doing what they aren't supposed to be doing. I think for me that day means that girls are unknown, unheard, and it's up to us in the know to make a change. Good on you for being that change by your continued awareness and support for girls.

Isata Kabia
Oct 18
Oct 18

Hello Mariama,
Thanks for using your voice to create a brighter future for girls. It is really difficult to see what girls continue to endure even as we say they are a priority. We must be sincere in our commitment to them.
IDG should measure an annual increase in strong, healthy, educated girls with access to equal opportunities!

Oct 18
Oct 18

Thanks Mariama for sharing your story.

"A photo is worth a thousand words," and it seem to me that the girls in the photo may not be celebrating the International Day of the Girl Child, because they are busy going to sell fruit instead of being in school.

Obviously, these girls do not have a voice and they are enjoying equality and it is not their fault, and that is where your message becomes very important.
These girls need to be given a space to grow and realize their potential.

They need salvation, and through your voice and effort, I am sure that those girls will be given an opportunity to have a voice and equal future.

Keep up the good work and please keep us updated.

Hello, Mariama,

How are you, love? Kabahenda said it, " a picture speaks a thousand words". What captured my heart on this photo is the fact that the one girl smiles in the photo. This is how we are as women and girls, even when life seems to be difficult, we still smile. We smile to let people know we are doing ok, and sometimes, we still smile even when we are not ok.

May a time comes when every girl in this world will have a genuine smile because society at large uphold her rigths as a girl child. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us. :)

Queen Sheba D Cisse
Nov 13
Nov 13

Greetings Mariama, from Senegal.
Sierra Leone is our neighbor.
Yes we agree to International Girl child everyday! We agree that girls should not be exploited and take a seat behind our boys. In Africa we have a lot of work to be done to break ignorant mind set and unfortunately culture. Gender equality on the rise as long as we advocate on the behalf of our girl children. The topic of girls at the forefront is very important to us at charity Queen Sheba Village. Their dreams, voices and physical presence matters to the limelight of action and one of the many reasons we are building a sound structure where they can be educated, thrive and shine!
Keep advocating for girls because the are more than worth it! Thank you for sharing and I support you all the way up!
Mama Queen