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About Me

I'm from Guatemala, I have 53 years, I have been a woman entrepreneur, then I sold my brand without knowing that divorce me, I have 2 children 18 and 20 years and with the help of God I have had to take them out one forward. In my country there is a lot of violence against women and sexism prevalent in our culture. Many teenage girls are mothers and children ignore how to create a result of rape often their own parents or close relatives. I would like to develop themes to guide many women in these areas of their lives, also help women who are left with the responsibility of raising their children alone (for widowhood or abandonment) encouraging entrepreneurs to create spaces for women over 45 years who are in vulnerable situations and gain support for their children to continue studying so that they can develop.I would like to have a company of digital jobs.

My Vision

Motivate and prepare women to develop and work on digital platforms and entrepreneurs to use them.


Que las empresas empiecen a contratar asistentes virtuales. Necesito apoyo de técnicos que puedan desarrollar plataformas de trabajo.


Soy Madre que me ha tocado sacar adelante sola a mis hijos pero que deseo apoyar a otras mujeres mayores de 45 para que trabajen desde casa.


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