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About Me

A dreamer. A romantic. A woman. A mom. A daughter. A sister. A friend.
A sensible woman who grew up with a brother and my parents traveling to beautiful Colombian places, while my father wants to go fishing and showing us the beauty of my planet.

Graduated as graphic designer, and then as a photographer I started what it became my life project for more than 20 years. Sentir. To feel. An NGO where I grew up as a person, a professional and from where I could understand about endangered species. Endangered ecosystems. Endangered us.

Writer by passion. By love. By pain. By gratitude. Because life touches me. Because my body speaks to me. And I listen. And I can hear it. And it speaks me in an older way. In a way older than words. And I can not resist it. I can not be quite. I can not express it. I have to.

In love with trees. Because silently, they give us what we need to live. What we need to breath. And together in forest they resilience.

My Vision

To understand and help to others to understand importance of DIVERSITY for the planet, human kind and all the species.


To spread the word,to be heard, to listen / Difundir mi pensamiento, ser escuchada, escuchar


Storyteller, photographer, dreamer, poet / Cuentista, fotógrafa, soñadora, poeta


Education EqualityGender-based ViolenceHuman Rights for WomenWomen and the Environment