Why Black and White?

Marvin Zinn1
Posted August 25, 2019 from United States

Why Black and White?

            Jesus gave the opportunity to combine all Jews and Gentiles into brothers and sisters in one fellowship.  The greatest religious leaders in the country (Sadducees Pharisees and  Scribes) could not agree with one doctrine, but all were against Jesus Christ. (Is this sports?)

            I remember when I moved to South Carolina about 50 years ago there was still segregation. The greatest “Christian” religions would not allow former slaves they called monkeys. During integration in schools there was little problem with the children, only the parents. Science identified various race descriptions: Caucasian, Negroid, Mongoloid were most common. However Negroid came from Ethiopian which included a lot of Jews who moved to Israel when I was working there. (The best race combination I can imagine is an Ethiopian Jew who believes what Jesus taught. Since I know a Jewish woman who God called to tell others about Jesus Christ in Israel may likely have found some already.)

            So why were Negroid/Caucasian changed to Black and White?  I strongly refuse to use either!  Where I was in South Carolina I knew some KKK friends or members. I am not sure if it was anyone I knew, or a branch in Spartanburg near where I lived, but those were the people who influenced the change from Negroid/Caucasian to Black/White.  Definition remains used as black means dark/evil/inferior and white means bright/holy/superior.  This new description causes more hatred and violence, and organizations called “churches” who claim to believe in Jesus Christ remain more separated. All of this is totally against how Jesus lived and taught!

            I will never forget my best friend and spiritual help was a Negroid man in Viet Nam. I would certainly never call him Black!

            Now there is a multitude of gods and religious doctrines in the world, and we all communicate (or fight) more than ever in history. The United States is supposed to allow “freedom of religion”, but can that accept one that tries to kill all the rest?  It is already started!




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Jill Langhus
Aug 26
Aug 26

Hi Marvin,

Welcome to World Pulse! Thanks for sharing your interesting, and informative post about black and white. It's interesting, and also disturbing the history of the use of the black/white distinctions in the U.S. I was just thinking the other day about how odd it was that we need to have these distinctions on forms, media, anywhere, really, because we don't. They don't serve a purpose, but only to segregate people. Yeah, the U.S. has a long way to go before there is freedom of religion. I'm American so I'm allowed to weigh in:-) I'm looking forward to seeing more posts from you.

Hope you have a great week.

Hello, Marvin,

Your title is a good question. For one, why do we label people based on skin color? Because of that, my countrymen make the beauty industry rich by buying whitening products. White skin became a goal.

Thank you for sharing your views. Looking forward to reading more from you.

Michael Abdullahi
Aug 29
Aug 29

What a revelation.... Keep speaking.... Well done

Kika Katchunga
Sep 11
Sep 11


Thank you very much for sharing with us on this subject. God bless you