Remaining Slavey

Marvin Zinn1
Posted September 8, 2019 from United States

      I will be brief about this, but anyone can ask me for details.

       A young woman college student from Kenya was brought to my house to live on recommendation from the college. My house was the first place in her life she had freedom and independence. I was responsible to provide transportation. I made no profits, just extra expenses I charged.

       Then her uncle who supplied all the finances forced her out. She cried a lot when she had to return to another house treated like a slave. (Her uncle tried to block her communication with me, so I paid for her cell phone to continue.)  He paid the college to force her to sign a paper against me, and when I took another student to college I was arrested and put in jail. I had no money to buy my way out, 28 days before a lawyer could talk with me, no opportunity to tell the judge anything without a threat to return to jail.

        The key point is this woman always got around the block against me and continued sending messages from where she lived including Kenya. Most repeated is "I love you".  I treated her like a daughter, and hope if she ever has freedom she can return to my house and take care of me until I die (even if her uncle kills me).


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Sep 08, 2019
Sep 08, 2019

Hi Dear Marvin,
I hope you are fine? I kinda got confused a little with your post. Pls are you narrating as in third person or first person? I mean is this story personal or you are narrating another person story?

Its sad but until I get the clear understanding of it I might give the wrong input. Pls hear from you and have a good week beginning.

Jill Langhus
Sep 09, 2019
Sep 09, 2019

Hi Marvin,

Thanks for sharing your sad story. I hope she regains freedom one day, too.

Sumera Reshi
Sep 10, 2019
Sep 10, 2019

Dear Marvin,

This piece of your is so persuading. Even though we are in bad times, yet we have people like you around. You are an angel.


Sep 12, 2019
Sep 12, 2019

Dear Marvin.
It is always good to help those in need. Thank you for helping out. I am interested in more details about this story. Is it ongoing case?
i hope she gets freedom. Sending love and peace

Jan 21
Jan 21

Thank you for sharing your story. Hoping that the girls finds her way back into your life. Thank you for supporting her