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About Me

Where do you come from? What can you tell us about your family and your community?

Hi! I come from the United States; the least populated state Wyoming! I grew up with mountain views and high plains sagebrush and wildlife around me. The community where I'm from has about 5,000 people who mostly work in ranching/agriculture and the energy industry. My skills are in arts administration and museums.

I live in Colorado now and work at a nonprofit arts organization as well as a historic tour guide.

What is a big challenge you are facing right now? What is an issue women face in your community that you would like to change?

In my home state, I felt like I am dealt with negative gender issues in the workplace. Because there aren't a lot of opportunities here to make money or set down roots, most people my age move away. I wish women here could get paid as much as men, and that there were more or better quality health services (mental health and safety, especially) that people wouldn't have to travel such long distances for. I wish there was more room in peoples' hearts for more diversity.

Now in my new town, there is a tension between a tourist industry and a small town that dislikes what that does for the community. There aren't a lot of well-paying jobs but lots of wealthy people who come here to have vacation homes. I moved for my partner's good job but that meant I had to leave my own opportunities behind. So, now I am trying my best to connect to a new community.

My Vision

For all people to have access and inclusion to arts and culture which improve their quality of life and personal happiness.


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