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About Me

I am a middle aged woman living in Nigeria who is trying to find herself after a few major catastrophes that stole my identity. The only things I am sure of are I love being a mum to my daughter, I love to write and I love being a woman. Not knowing who you are or who you should be is a very scary thing. It helps your self-discovery though if you have nothing more to lose. I do not. I have several blogs that help to clarify various aspects of my life; my health, my pleasures, my aspirations and my failures. I also hope to convert one of them into a hub for African women like me who seek validation for their search for fulfillment Writing, Swimming, Music, Television (Content creation), Food (Cuisine), Travel Non- enabling environment to thrive, Finances, Gender Imbalances Television Production, Writing, Event Management

My Vision

An online hub for African women that drives events, experiences and content which uplifts other women and mentors young girls


Please get involved with, and help us fight HIV / AIDS in young Nigerian women by addressing gender inequality.


Send a message and let me know how I can lend my voice to help your cause in your country.


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