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About Me

Hi! I'm a creative dancing Greek-American diva who loves peace, global friendship, and justice. My friends think I'm a radical activist but I'm always surprised since what we are talking about are basic human needs: to feel safe, have enough to eat, a place to sleep, have clean water, not to be discriminated against. My professional life has gone between cross-cultural program work and organic food, and I'm finally bringing them together with the Kafenia. I had my daughter in my 40s so I'm experiencing the joys of mid-life parenting too!

My Vision

A world where we remember we belong to one another and we are at peace. My call to you is to share - esp. physical space.


Economical space in which to host a cafe in/near Palo Alto
Lots of global contact, so say hi if you nearby!


Program management - can help you plan projects, write
Connector - if you want to build ties in Silicon Valley


Economic Power