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Posted February 22, 2021 from Nigeria
Expired on July 31, 2021
Building a network of financially independent women
Together we can!

Growing up as a child, life was beautiful and awesome till I lost my dad,
It was then the full meaning of life dawned on me, myself and four other siblings were left to be taken care of by my mum who wasn't really doing much because her late husband instructed her not to.
After the death of my dad, the family members came and took almost all he had and left my mum to fend for herself and her five children
It was then I vouched I was going to do everything within my power with the help of God to become someone in life and to impact other women so as to live an independent life
Huh!... Let me drop that there, story for another day
I grew up being a very good business oriented person with amazing business ideas which I've discussed with so many people which I thought could be of help but got nothing from them, majority of them asking for sex in return. Jeeez!
Well!, I'll leave that for another day too,
Story of my life!
Fast forward >>>>>
I just came across this society and i felt I could drop a piece of my heart here
So the thing is I hustled and got a little cash to start up one of my intended business but I'm still in need of capital to help take this business to another level
Please if you're interest in helping a young African lady grow her business Kindly inbox me
If you're interested in joining me to startup a community of financially independent women, kindly inbox me as well.

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Jill Langhus
Feb 22
Feb 22

Hi Mary,

Welcome to World Pulse. I'm looking forward to seeing some of your stories/posts in the forum and also hearing more about your community idea, too. Good luck, too.