Uphold Women’s and Girls’ Sexual and Reproductive Rights with Me

About Your Initiative

Many women and girls in Cameroon experience ignorance, fear, and intimidation concerning their sexuality and their reproductive health rights. This leads to a high level of unwanted pregnancies, crude abortions, early motherhood, early marriage, sexually-transmitted infections, and school dropout. Many women and girls live in poverty and misery because they are unaware of their sexual and reproductive health rights, and are therefore unable to manage them.

I have personally experienced this situation, and in response, I have created a social clinic to provide unbiased information and a safe place for women and girls to discuss their sexuality and its challenges. My campaign aims to give women and girls the knowledge and services they need to manage their sexual and reproductive health effectively and with dignity.

Who is being impacted by my initiative?

1,700 women and girls in one year.

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