girls must live right!!!

Sally maforchi Mboumien
Posted February 2, 2016 from Cameroon

Dear women, When I read articles on this network on the rights of girls and the different initiatives put in place to cater for and protect them I say the future is guaranteed for girl's rights. Recent happenings in my community makes me wonder whether we have done enough especially in areas of coping with adolescent pressures. In the month of November 2016, two girls from the school where I teach withdrew because they were pregnant. Sad enough they are siblings from same mother of 16 and 14 years. They stopped school because of pressure from their friends. They experienced stigma, name calling, isolation and mockery. This situation spread like wild fire in the community with many girls registering disapproval on the issue. There I was jubilating that the situation serves as a lesson for other girls. This state vanished over the weekend when a student from a neighboring school died because of crude abortion. Investigating the three victims cited above I realized they are from wretched background, they are members of a group of"senior" girls who believe they set standards. As young as they are, they are already "prostitutes" sleeping with bike riders for a 100frs or free ride to school. This has made me understand that my community girls are highly in need of sex education and human rights. I have an initiative in that community EVERY GIRL FOR ANY GIRL which seeks to bring girls together in a fun filled manner to discuss common issues plaguing girls and possible solutions. Using false label curriculum proposed by kujamac we are addressing these issues.

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