Add your voice to that of women peacebuilders in Cameroon

Sally maforchi Mboumien
Posted January 2, 2020 from Cameroon
SNWOT members after a pre-consultative talks with the Prime Minister of Cameroon in preparation for the Major National Dialogue that held from the 30th Sept to Oct 4th 2019
SNWOT members in their official colors. This is the orange army

Dear sisters

Greetings from Cameroon. Happy new year 2020!!!! Many of us as changemakers in different domains with a common goal of making the lives of women and girls better are making various commitments for 2020 in our work plan.

I come to you this day to employ you to add advocating for the peaceful resolution of the ongoing conflict in the North West and South West Regions of Cameroon to your work plan. For sisters who have not heard what is going on here is the problem: there has been an ongoing crisis in the two English speaking regions of Cameroon for more than 3years now. The conflict turned violent for 2years now leading to killings, destruction and displacement of people especially women and children. About 55,000 are refugees and about 955,000 are displaced according to recent statistics from United Nations Cameroon. 

Following the speeches and declarations of various opinion holders at the close of last year we foresee more violent clashes between soldiers and fighters. For more information google 'Anglophone crisis'. The question now is how do sisters on this platform come in? My sisters we count on you to add your voices by joining the activities of women peacebuilders in Cameroon. I am current the general coordinator of the South West North West Women Taskforce SNWOT, a group of women peacebuilders from the affected regions, who want to contribute significantly in the peaceful resolution of the conflict as well as ensure women's participation at all levels of the peace process. You as a sister can add your voice to our advocacy and lobbying as a women's movement for peace. You can 

-Share, like or comment on our activities on Facebook page or twitter @snwot4

-Show solidarity by wearing our advocacy colors black dress and/or an orange scarf and sending out a message for an end to violence and a call for peace to return

- Use our hashtags in your write ups #EndHositilities #InclusiveAndSincereDialogue, #CeasefireNow, #PeacefulResolutionNWSW #SNWOT4PEACE

-Volunteer to teach or support the coalition empower women and girls with digital skills to participate in most of our online campaigns since the environment is getting hostile by the day

-Send hugs and love for women peacebuilders in the North West NW and South West SW Regions in Cameroon as they work tirelessly for peace.

I sincerely appreciate your time and commitment to add your voice to the peace building efforts of women and girls in the English Speaking regions of Cameroon. 

In sisterhood 

Sally Mboumien


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Jan 02
Jan 02

Dear Aunty Sarah,
This is really sad! In every violence zone is always the women and girls who suffers most. I heard about it, but honestly couldn't trace the reasons for the fight. Maybe you can elaborate for me?
Like seriously, fighting in this 22 century OH my gosh!
Thanks for sharing, now we know is still ongoing.
You take care of yourself and stay safe.

Hello, sister Sally,

Happy New Year! Although I really wish that Cameroon will be truly happy this year given the conflict it encounters now.

Thank you giving us options on how we as your global sisters can support this advocacy for peace and women empowerment.

The numbers of displaced people and refugees are truly alarming.

Thank you for inviting us to participate in this peace process!

Tamarack Verrall
Jan 02
Jan 02

Dear Sally,
Your suggestions are so valuable for those of us wanting to be of some kind of support with all that has been happening in your country. I will be sharing this and trying to get news media in my country to cover what is happening with the hope that we can build international pressure to stop this war.
In sisterhood,

It's so sad that women are ignored in my setting. Women are sincerely the peace builders you can trust. Violence and insecurity hits women and girls hardest, the community well being is on us. So we are the change we want. We remain resilient till we get peace. 2020 be better.

Dawn Arteaga
Jan 02
Jan 02

Yes Sally! What a powerful post and call for action. Will be sharing!

Jan 02
Jan 02

Dear sister
Working for peace building in our country for about 3 years form2014 to 2016 , I can feel the same with you. Although I worked differently as a liaison to reduce or to avoid potential conflicts between ethnic armed groups and government military, it seemed to reduce the harmful effects leading to the innocent people including women and children around the areas. During 3 years I was working there, I worked with representatives of 4 ethnic armed groups and we could avoid some possible conflicts by passing the messages which helped the withdrawal of the conflicts. However, the armed conflicts have not ended yet and there is one more conflict area in northwest where mainly Rakhine people live and cause several deaths, injuries and keep hostages. I hope there will be peaceful solution to build a peaceful country for everyone.
Best Regards
Ni Ni

Tarke Edith
Jan 02
Jan 02

Hello sister Sally
I am really filled with pains after the speech.
But l know that our God is still on the troun .l will do well to share comment on the issues dear.
Can l say the new year is a happy one !!!!! I don't think

Jill Langhus
Jan 03
Jan 03

Hello Dear Sally,

How are you? I hope you're safe and well, dear! I love this photo, btw. I'm in solidarity with you and your cause, as always, and am now following your Twitter page, too. Let me know if you think I can help more.

Wishing you a safe and peaceful 2020 to you, your family and all Anglophones in Cameroon!


Jan 03
Jan 03

Hello , sister Sally,
Am so happy that we are hear together. It's so sad that some of us don't even know where some of our brothers and sisters in the NW and SW Region are, because their houses were set ablaze. Am unable to go home today because of this crisis. I just pray God see us through these 2020. I will keep sharing and hope for a peaceful Cameroon.
Happy happy new year

Selma Ndi
Jan 03
Jan 03

It’s getting worse by the day. Just when there is some news of hope, something comes and ruins it. I am actually living in Bamenda, and my whole family has been displaced from the village. I look forward to a day when things will go back to the way they were .

Anita Shrestha
Jan 04
Jan 04

Dear Sis
Plz keep save and safety. Thank you for sharing

Jan 05
Jan 05

Dear Sally, sending you my hugs and love come all the way from Australia, all the sisters working hard over there. For peace.

Jan 05
Jan 05

All I can say at this point is hugs and love to you and your tireless team.
May you all continue to be safe in the midst of all this craziness.

Jan 06
Jan 06

happy new year we're last your opinion

Emily Miki
Jan 06
Jan 06

My Able GC,
Thanks for this call to action and may we keep pushing the agenda this 2020.

Thanks to all our World Pulse sisters for supporting us in this trying moments.

In sisterhood


Anita Kiddu Muhanguzi

Hi my dear sister Sally,
Happy new year and thank you for sharing options which we can also use to advocate to end the hostilities in Cameroon.
Thanks for sharing and we shall definitely be more involved this year as we pray for the end to hostilities in Cameroon.
Have a blessed 2020 and we pray that the violence comes to a holt.

Jan 06
Jan 06

Hi sister!
Thanks for the effort you poeple are putting in out there. Know its not easy but things will be okay by the special grace of God. I am available for any call to volunteer. I am based in Bamenda. We just need nto keep pushing. Thanks for sharing.

Jan 09
Jan 09

Thanks Sis Sally :) Happy New Year of 2020. Hope this year will be good and peace arise....

Charity Birla
Jan 10
Jan 10

Thanks for the peace talk . The cry to set things right have turned out to be destructive and bloody ; our families and brothers being displaced in our own communities but we hope as we stand for peace calmness and lasting solution will be put in practice.

Jan 13
Jan 13

Dear Sister Sally,
It is very sad to know what Cameroon is going through. More and more women peacebuilders need to come in the forefront. If women peacebuilders are invisible at the table or advocacy than there will be more violence and killings of the weaker sect among them is the women and children. More power to you all the sisters who are fighting back this conflict to settle peace. In Solidarity! Love and Hugs!!

Jan 13
Jan 13

This is truly disheartening, but as sisters we are here to uphold one another. And together we can create a better world for all girls and women. I pray all these comes to an end soon.

laison sylvie
Jan 13
Jan 13

Thank you sister for the write up. We really need peace in the NorthWest and south west regions of Cameroon. Women are continuously victimize and the situation is not getting any better. Sisters around the world, join us from Cameroon as we yarn for peace.

Kika Katchunga
Jan 14
Jan 14

Happy New Year my sister Sally; Thank you for sharing ; your photo is very pretty; my respect and my greetings to all these beautiful women