I nominate Sherna Benjamin for the Spirit Award

Sally maforchi Mboumien
Posted January 3, 2021 from Cameroon
Sherna on a facebook live teaching

"Thinking and taking care of yourself as a changemaker is not being selfish" sounded so strange when Sherna first expressed it. I later on understood and have loved her more for sounding this truth into my stubborn head. Sherna is so admired for the dimension of including "Self" in changemaking that I and many others who have listened and worked with her can't fail to factor in our work.

Sherna is a human rights defender who makes me see the need for a proper intersectionality in one's work if you want to succeed in the intervention you are making.

Her constant use of the online media to tell her stories while teaching on some hard truths has been timely in many circumstances for me most especially. 

I nominate Sherna Benjamin for the World Pulse spirit award not only because of her work cited above. I do so because of the values she has portrayed that enhances sisterhood. She shares her knowledge without reservations on any topic especially during Thriving Thursdays. She goes the extra mile of checking on you especially when you are silent for a while on the platform. I so admire her commitment to empower especially by emotionally liberating the minds of toxics. Sherna you are a true sister

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Jill Langhus
Jan 04
Jan 04

Hello Again Sally,

Thanks for noticing and nominating our dear Sherna. I'm sure she'll be delighted:-)

Thank you for honoring another Amazon with your nomination, dear sis Sally.

Jan 24
Jan 24

Thanks Sally for this nomination. All the best.