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About Me

I am a Journalist by proffession.Currently i am doing a Masters in Peace Leadership and Conflict Resolution at the Zimbabwe Open University.I grew up in a broken,impoverished family.My maternal grandparents,however managed to send me to school.I couldnt attend a conventional University because of lack of funds.I attended the Zimbabwe Open University which is a distance learning institute.Distance learning for amatuers is a great challenge because it neds discipline.I managed to get a 2.1 degree class.Growing up in a broken family was very painful,thus i located my father four years ago.To me that was an achievement,i have always been a strong woman.My grandmother is my source of inspiration because after the death of my grandfather she struggled to send me to University.I was once a volunteer at the International Organisation for Migration as a Participatory Health Educator.My vision is to be a voice for the voiceless especially women.The sky is the limit for women,its high time women realised thier full potential.Women must say no to Gender-based violence. Writing,advocating for women empowerment,mediating conflicts at work. Resources to help fellow women Journalism,Film,Perfoming Arts

My Vision

To lobby for the education of women and their empowerment