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About Me

My name is Masoso Antoinette i'm congolese woman then i'm
programme manager of MISERICORDE association In Minembwe in south of kivu even my association we work in environment we planet trees there in Minembwe then we train our peoples to protecte nature for avoiding Climate change so as my field i study Geography in Secondary school i'm very happy to be connected with WECAN and to participant in the training it's improve my knowledge then i know it's will be helpful to my organization for because i will share with them what i have learned during those training and i hope it's will help our vision , as your Climate change is big problem in our World we have to put our efforts , because environment is very important in our Life , resperation giv us Oxygene,forest it's raining ; many trees are medical of deases and so on etc....... without environment nothing can going well,

then my wish is like that to build again congo forest like before because forest it beautfly of our country then it is important for every one in this World, then i try to improve my know about environement so that i get chance from WECAN in their training online about protecting of environement , then i hope it's will help me to know how i will train my peoples about our target and i get chance to go to train pgymes peoples in Mwenga territory its was amazing and peoples were very interesting you will see peoples in forest protecting environement for avoiding climate change destruction of forest in DRCongo even in the World Geography,History

My Vision

i wish to became woman who will build again DRC forest and to became trainer about environement