A Human Work of Art

Matilda Moyo
Posted August 29, 2010 from Zimbabwe

Yesterday you asked

If I was done painting myself

Unsure of that question

I did not answer

But today I can confidently reply

Yes, I was done

Painting myself for the day

Today is a new day

I will paint myself again

It’s a daily ritual

I associate with my femininity

Daily I paint myself

For when I look in the mirror

I see raw beauty

Like a skilled painter

I enhance it

Armed with my make-up palette

And my face as the canvas

I sit before the mirror

And start to paint

Like spices and condiments

Add flavor to food

My paintworks

Enhance my beauty

A little foundation

To smooth the complexion

Some shadow on my large eyelids

So they look like awnings

Over the windows of my soul

A dab of lipstick

To enhance the pout of my lips

A touch of blush

To make my cheeks flush

Some tweezing of the eyebrows

Into a permanent arch

A brush of powder

For that polished dry look

And finally some spray

To make the look stay

And I’m done for the day

Now I can go out

For all to see

This human work of art

That is me!

By Matilda Moyo 29 August 2010

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Carri Pence
Sep 02, 2010
Sep 02, 2010

I truly feel those that can place makeup in such a beautiful way is an artist. I don't have the talent causing my look to always be raw. But I am alway jealous of those that can make themselves look awake with a hint of blush and powder.