“A middle class girl who suffered a lot to raise up” – the real me

Mausumi (Chatterjee )Das
Posted February 18, 2020 from India
“A middle class girl who suffered a lot to raise up” – the real me
A secret reviled by a low middle class- girl who becomes a celebrity for her patience - I’m MAUSUMI DAS CHATTERJEE- here my fact to raise up—-
Honoring moments at Mrs Bharat Icon 2018
Honoring moments at Mrs Bharat Icon 2018: At Mrs BHARAT ICON CONGENIALITY 2018 at Hotel Sahara International - Mumbai (1/10)

Kanlish Media Interview- I was nominated as the best mom“A middle class girl who suffered a lot to   raise up” – the real me  

        A secret reviled by a low middle class- girl who becomes a celebrity for her patience             This is the part of my auto biography as-I have typed down some remarkable moments what gives me growth like a celeb -as the name of “A middle class girl who suffered a lot to raise up” that I’m going to share with  all of you.—

          I’m Mausumi from Kolkata-which belongs in INDIA. Now I am celebrity, an Indian model, a beauty queen- A mother of a   school going teen girl & an interior designer and a busy housewife too. I’m a late bloomer personality .I’m not a born celebrity. Here, I reveal my retrospective biography to the world “Struggle to Succeed” as the voice of a striving mother.              I was born at very orthodox Brahmin family, There girl has no right to enjoy their life. My parents never thought of my future or career growth except for the traditional Indian rule, Marriage is a must, despite the qualities a girl has’. They never thought anything out of the box and phenomenal and knew for sure that I would never have got such prodigious opportunities during my childhood days that could ever help me fulfill my dreams and aspirations. My wishes and dreams were always laying beneath my closed eyes.                  

      After getting married, I was bestowed with typical dominant and malevolent parents-in-law who never lent me a hand to upgrade my career but humiliation along with unfair judgment which was never unavailable from their side as they were also against women’s education. I was driven as mad as a hater due to the mental torture from my parents-in-law’s side. They also motivated her son to get married with another girl that they could take dowry-as some of the expected cash or commodities, what they didn’t get from my parents. They always provoked their son by narrating some short impulsive tale or epic or indecent, fabricated by their own( that was totally fictitious and making with their own perception )as the mission to divorce me as well as  the motivation of, may  their son would get money come dowry from his in-laws house , my materialistic parent in laws  also told, “ the offering and  accepting DOWRY is not the crime , it  resembles the  proper respect regards and prestige to son-in-law  from parents in laws .It is the  value of  bridegroom ,if someone won’t get dowry it means, ‘the man is valueless’ ” Once I thought that why couldn’t I  leave the marital relations ! Because I was unable bear such a mental molestation by them But I thought, “My society doesn’t accept me as the divorced lady as Indian rule- a divorced lady doesn’t have   right to mingle up with some normal women-or society, they have to live separately, How my little daughter could   grow up? How society would accept her presence as the child of divorced mother? No body will accept her- She will be alone entirely – that would be the big question to survive for her! So I have to tolerate all torcher what they have done with me”. And moreover my parents never wanted to take me back after marriage because it was very shameful that their daughter didn’t stay with her husband. So I was subjected to all of this torcher to save my daughter’s life as well as parents’ prestige.                                     Furthermore  that,

            I was 90kg/198.416lbs by body weight, after gave a birth of a child ,it was another reason to drive me out from the family , what they were planning for, they wanted model like wife ( what every male  desires for ),but it was normal post pregnancy body weight ,to give a birth of a healthy child .I never felt that I was looking ugly with the huge body weight at  that time  , I was mesmerized with the love of my little one., but people made me sure that I became a party pig  for any of party where there I was invited once .Even I was disgraced by him  for my fatty body as the  manner of  cracking joke, even he appreciated other women very often,  very casually for their beauty , the ignorance hurt me deeply. Nobody ever watched my feelings behind of my-rolling tears flowing down through cheeks, but people used to say - a beautiful heart is precious, rather than a beautiful face. I realized, “all fake,” thought that why couldn’t I kill myself? Always thought why people say, “GOD IS GOOD.”?

         Then I became the patient of ‘Nyctophilia’  —-

         Days gone by and I decided to resume with my study along with my daughter, no ego, became eager beaver- I needed transformation, started my study again, because I knew that ‘every cloud has a silver lining’. My husband cherished me for my determination & decided to finance me for my entire  career purpose and he did.  And I started to grow up again, I completed my course and become Interior Architecture Designer, and started to work , with  the inspiration of my daughter & hubby,  she is one of the big  motivator of my new life ,suddenly  I decided to participate in a beauty pageant with the motivation of my daughter  because I  have already  start to maintain a strict diet plan & gym & yoga  program  to shape up my huge health along with the study programs – my motivation is that ‘why shouldn’t I become a model ?models are also human being’ the striking thing I have reduced my body weight - and my body weight becomes 48 kg /105.822 lbs as the result of yoga & gym . I feel that it’s just a metamorphosis period of my life.and it’s surprisingly truth that I won the title not only single time I won it with two consecutive years with the huge appreciation from people and my husband as well as my daughter & family members and became a famous and well-known prodigy, become a famous model .People accept me with high opinion& regards. News media came for my interview as I nominated their inspiration icon, I was flooded with the happiness .Now I’m one of the well known fashion model from Bangalore (India) and muse of every one Now we are happily living all together, no black days again because  

           “GOD IS REALLY GOOD”  Now I believe that.           

 After that the question is arised , “any girl who ever is plus size in body shape, more over they are poor  in status ,they did not have right to dream  good life with hubby.”?

Ans:Self-confidence is a super power. Once you start to believe in yourself, MIRACLE starts happening. Never fear, I’m here. Just trust yourself; you know more than you think you do.   My message to all striving mother & all women “Don’t compare yourself with others, compare yourself what you have yesterday and grow up every day and there is no limit to be grown greater.   After all I believe-Dream big , realize with existence and get crowned with success 


           By Mausumi Das (Chatterjee)                                    

                     (Mausumi Designer)                                                                           

         Interior Architecture Designer               Mrs .Bharat Icon Congeniality 2018  

        Mrs .Bharat Icon Style Diva 2019

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Anita Shrestha
Feb 18
Feb 18

Dear Sister
Thank you very much for sharining. Keep it continue

Thank for your kind cooperation & kindness

Dawn Arteaga
Feb 18
Feb 18

Your strength and courage are so inspiring Mausumi. Your daughter is very lucky to have you as a role model. Thank you for sharing your story with us. I hope you find sisterhood and solidarity here to continue insuring more people!

Thank you so much Special thanks for your kind cooperation

Elizabeth Ziro
Feb 18
Feb 18

Alluta continua. i love every bit of it. You are a strong woman and a celeb lol keep doing your thing, the sky is just but the lower limit Mausumi

Thank you very much I’m really obliged through your response ❤️

Hello, Mausumi,

Welcome to World Pulse! What a joy to know a new voice from India is rising up! Thank you for your bravery to share your inspiring story with us. Your daughter is blessed to have you as her mother. She, too, will rise up and reach her fullest potential because you modeled that to her. Congratulations on the milestones of your life! We celebrate with you!

Please continue to share your stories here. You have no idea how many sisters will be inspired by your journey, Welcome again to our growing sisterhood!

Thank you very much for your kind support, I’m very much obliged to you

You're welcome, dear sister. I'm looking forward to reading more from you! Keep writing!

Thank You again

Chinyere Kalu
Feb 21
Feb 21

Impossible is nothing ! What ever you believe can be achieved. I must give it to you for picking yourself up from the dust.
I like your spirit.Now you can motivate others because you have been there.
Am really happy for you!

Thank you very much , I’m really obliged to you

Mar 10
Mar 10

Am so touched by your story. Thanks for sharing

Thank you Dear ❤️, thank you once again to support me