Mauwa Brigitte
Posted December 8, 2016 from Democratic Republic of the Congo

A) What is your vision of change? * My vision is empowering women, girls through information technology. Training women and girls are able to communicate their skills to other women for the development of their communities. This technology training will strengthen my ability and open up the horizon of another planet of technology. It will improve my way of seeing things from a distance or close up for the purpose of climbing into a vision of the eagle and help women, girls in my community, leave in ignorance to achieve perfection without discrimination according to the environment. Women, rural daughters are often discriminated against because of their social ranks which do not allow them to have access to new technology which is lacking in means. They are less informed and trained because of the lack of computer tools. More girls, girls are less informed their problems will not be heard in the community, country and whole world; This is the catastrophe from which the challenge has returned to these needs which is capital on education. Because "educating a woman means educating a whole nation". The digital illiterate means that these women, girls will not have the ease of communication in the world and their communities will not be developed. On this, training will help these women, girls change their way of life and make stability in their homes to strengthen their children's education, their husbands lack work.

B) How can the Internet and the use of digital tools support your vision for change? * I will say, because it makes it quicker for me to communicate with other women, girls of the world and see their stories how their lives evolve. The internet is a "magic" ring where women, girls come to share their stories with other women in the world. As for me, I have created knowledge in the world through the World Pulse website that makes women change in the world with our stories. I had taken courses on photography, drafting, project development which I had benefited on line on world pluse. My voice was amplified by world pulse and my community also including the mama shujaa center in Bukavu / DRC that centers it. My experience, I share it with the other dynamic women of the world observing their professional experiences of digital culture for the layout of my work. This exchange of opinion with the dynamic women of the world pushes me further to be connected more and more and bringing me closer to the planet of cellular communication that makes the difference. With the internet I have incredible relationships that make me famous all over the world through my newspapers and am proud of how these women comment on me. And know how other women live with their cultures that are different from mine; It awakens me to curiosity for discovery; Also the development of my community

C) What do you hope to learn from this training? * I hope to acquire a new knowledge that will give me a capacity to do better than before to also strengthen the capacity of women, girls in my community and the whole world of technology transformation. What I would receive, I would also be able to help the different who come to the center mama shujaa to also strengthen their capacities without difficulty. I know that technology is changing from day to day, capacity building is necessary to leave in ignorance and be better in the community and the whole world can benefit from it. Make women, girls who will also transform the world with their stories and able to defend their knowledge in their neighborhoods, homes wherever they may be in the world. I fight against digital anaphabétisation, and I will be the light to lead them into the state of champion for the development of their communities, home. After my training on world pulse on line; I will be a model and faithful to transmit to women what I received. I will benefit from this training through the internet at the mama shujaa center in Bukavu in the DRC, I am an IT trainer. I would like to be a role model in my community for amplifying women's voices, girls by connecting them to world pulse. And of themselves they can plead their problems by writing them on world pulse and have the opportunity to find work. Many women coordinators send their reports of activities to donors. Promoting women.

FOR WORLD PULSE World Pulse helps me amplify my voice and make me a quality person in the world; Sharing my experience with others on empowering women. I endeavor to do better for the global pulse interest, and develop my community as well as my country the DRC. Thank you.

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Feb 17, 2017
Feb 17, 2017

Chère Brigitte, Et merci de partager cette vision ici. Je suis sûr que vous êtes un modèle dans votre communauté, et j'espère que votre voix amplifiée continue de soutenir et d'encourager les femmes dans votre communauté. Tout mon meilleur, Julie