Mauwa Brigitte
Posted September 8, 2020 from Democratic Republic of the Congo

The journey: A journey is a movement in space, constrained, carried out towards a more or less distant point for a personal or professional or other purpose, movements motivated by sports or socio-cultural activities or major events. It is a joyful time when you meet several people from different corners with a parallel goal, some for shops, family visits, medical care, services etc ... You change the environment a little to see how others live, and its behaviors so that we can get ideas of developments in social, cultural and political, religious altitudes for the betterment of provinces and countries. There are times the difficulties that one meets that will not prevent the objective of travel to reach the objective, perhaps also the enrichment discover new cultures and other horizons, also allows the opening spirit and acceptance of the other, in fact, travel is an excellent way to meet people and free themselves from prejudices. Let's avoid staying in the same place for several years how are you going to discover the other who is similar to you? We say thank you to for the trip made, our stays were better without a case of corona virus in the Province of KATANGA including Kalemie and all is thanks.

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Tamarack Verrall
Sep 08
Sep 08

Dear Brigitte,
In this time when it is so difficult to travel your story is a beautiful reminder of all that meeting new people and experiencing new parts of this beautiful Earth can bring. While we can't travel at this time we are so lucky to have the chance to meet and learn from each other here on World Pulse. Your message is a good reminder that there are people in my own community that I have yet to meet, too.

Hello, Brigette,

Welcome back to World Pulse! How are you doing, dear sister? That's a lovely photo of the beach. We have a lot of sceneries like that in our country. Thank you for sharing a lovely message about journey. Truly, we learn a lot when we mingle with other people, and we learn deeper when we live with them even for a short time. Thanks for sharing. Please stay safe!

Nini Mappo
Sep 08
Sep 08

Hi Brigitte,
Your post made me think of how World Pulse is like going on a trip for me, where I meet so many people, interact with so many experiences and grow.

As I read your story, I'm glad to meet you on this trip:)
Thank you sharing.

Jill Langhus
Sep 09
Sep 09

Brigitte, Dear,

How are you?? Welcome back! Do you love to travel, dear? Do you have plans, or dreams, to travel?!

I do hope you and your family are safe and well, Love!


Sep 18
Sep 18

Thank you for reminding us that travel is a wonderful activity.

Welcome back.

Thanks for highliting the importance of travel. It allows us to meet people from other countries, appreciate their their countries, their foods, culture and environments. It is unfortunate that with COVID-19, travel has become limited and it is not certain how future travel will be.
Nonetheless, when I read stories on World Pulse from Nigeria, the Democractic Republic of Congo, Brazil, etc. etc. I feel like I am on a journey of discovery.

Through the stories that I read on this forum, I get to meet people from different countries and to learn and understand what is going on in that part of the world even though I have never been there.
Physically going from one place to another is the best way to travel, but in this age of COVID-19, I would encourage you to travel virtually different destinations and world attractions. The internet has become the cheapest and stress free journey to world attractions in different countries.