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#GoMujeres- Digital Crowdfundraising opportunity for Latina and Latin American women-focused nonprofits in the Americas

Maya Iwata
Posted February 7, 2020 from United States
Expired on March 31, 2020
Hispanics in Philanthropy launch their 5th annual #GoMujeres campaign
Visit for more details if you want to add your organization to this campaign.

This is a crowd-fundraising opportunity hosted by Hispanics In Philanthropy (HIP). This is the 5th year of their campaign that enables organizations promoting the rights and well being of Latina and Latin American Women. The copy below is from their campaign. Go visit their site:

Held during International Women’s month, #GOMujeres provides a unique opportunity for women-focused nonprofits to: Strengthen digital skills; Raise funds; Gain unmatched visibility by forming part of the #GOMujeres movement.

Do you believe in a world where women and girls have control over their future?
This March 2020 we’re launching our fifth #GOMujeres campaign, a digital movement in which nonprofits, foundations, and individual donors come together to invest in projects that defend the rights and promote the wellbeing of Latina and Latin American women and girls throughout the Americas.

Utilize This Offer

If your organization is a legally constituted nonprofit in the US or Latin America and runs a project where the majority of beneficiaries are women or girls, #GOMujeres is for you. Create your project on HIPGive and start fundraising!

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Jill Langhus
Feb 08, 2020
Feb 08, 2020

Thanks, Maya! Sounds great:-)