Module 2 - Telling Your Story and Joining Others

Maya Muñoz-Tobón
Posted August 31, 2015 from United States

Welcome back! We are so humbled and excited to read everybody’s posts from Module 1.

Module 2 is live on our website, and it will introduce you to World Pulse’s story: our history, mission, vision, and core values. It explains how telling your story can have an amazingly positive impact.

You can go through the materials at your own pace by printing out all of Module 2 and coming back online to write your assignments, or you can read the material on a computer or mobile device.

Module 2 is divided into three sections:

1.Amplifying Women’s Voices Will Help Solve the World’s Problems

2.The Power of Your Personal Story

3.Connecting with Others Through World Pulse Groups

Once you have read all of the content and reflected about how it relates to your live and vision, you can start working on your assignments.

Click here to download and print out Module 2 materials and assignments!

Click here to read Module 2 content materials and assignments online!

All assignments for Module 2 should be completed and posted by Wednesday November 29 at 11:59 p.m. (PDT - USA) if you want to receive comments and feedback from our community Listeners.

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