VOF Application: Writing Assignments Prompts

Maya Muñoz-Tobón
Posted December 9, 2015 from United States

Dear change-maker,

We are so excited that you decided to continue your leadership journey with the World Pulse community and that you will be joining dozens of your peers in this exciting and challenging Voices of Our Future (VOF) training opportunity.

As required in the Step 2 of your VOF application, you need to write and respond to the prompts for two writing assignments, My Journey and My Assets Map.

Please write the two samples as two separated journal posts in your World Pulse account. Read the instructions and prompts below to complete your journals:

Journal #1: My Journey

Please write a personal journal post in your World Pulse journals that is a minimum of 200 words long and title it “My Journey”

This is your opportunity to write a personal post telling your story and describing your leadership journey. Please write your post using the following questions as guidelines:

  • Where do you come from?
  • What can you tell us about your family and your community?
  • What is a big challenge you are facing right now? What is an issue women face in your community that you would like to change?
  • What are some actions you are already taking to change the circumstances?
  • What actions would you like to take?
  • Who are you supporting with your actions? Who is supporting you?
  • What resources or skills do you need to continue successfully?
  • What else would you like the world to know about yourself?

Journal # 2: My Assets Map

Please write a personal journal post in your World Pulse journals that is a minimum of 200 words long and title it “My Assets Map”

Think about and map your personal and community assets. Once you have identified the resources and assets available to you, please write your reflection post using the following questions as guidelines:

  • Name one or more hopes and/or dreams you have for yourself and your community.
  • What skills are you most proud of? How can you use these skills?
  • What are the places in your community that inspire you? Where do you feel safe?
  • Who do you ask for advice on how to navigate through school, life, etc.? Why do you go to that person?
  • How might you use some of your resources to help you address an issue you are passionate about?

Note: Once you are finished writing and posting your journals, please copy the entire link address and paste them on the spaces provided in Step 2 of the Voices of Our Future application.

We are looking forward to working closely with you and to listening to your visions for the future. Please complete all your VOF application by 31 January, 2016 and send it to training@worldpulse.com. Feel free to contact us with any questions or comments to training@worldpulse.com.

You can access the application as a Word document here.

You can access the application as a Google Form here.

In partnership,

The World Pulse team.

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Dr Ghada Amer
Dec 16, 2015
Dec 16, 2015

My Journey

I came from Egypt, exactly from Tanta, which is small City located in the middle between the two Nile river branches. I grow up in a small family, made of two daughters, my father and my mother.  The big challenge that I'm facing in my community; even I made lots of achievement, to proving that we as a women are professional. Women in my community have big challenges, those women either to accept to be weak and have no opinion, and that is possible to molest, or she will suffering cruel injustice, to be accepted as a key in her field and to have an active role to build community. On the other hand she is wife, mother and daughter, unfortunately for that many of them lose her ambition, health, and talent because of the pressure that they are facing.

For me I keep working hard and keep learning and searches in my professional filed (as Professor in the university) to keep improving myself. To feel happy and to overcome all the resistance that I’m facing I keep working with NGO’s to help people who need helps, as this make me strong and happy, my Father after my mother passed away is supporting me. I need to strong my English language also to learn how I can with my speech and talk can make positive affect in my community. I which before I leave this live to do something with a great benifit so everyone when remind me say “thanks for what she did”.

Dr Ghada Amer
Dec 16, 2015
Dec 16, 2015

My dream to do a very useful search in my filed, (Electrical Engineering) which can make a big positive not only my community but in the whole world. Also I which to participate in a big project to help all the people who need helps.

I’m proud of being good in all research works, also I have a good effect in my community by my talks and posts, now I have a big number of friends and followers in Facebook (about 7000, 5000 friends, and 3000 followers and linked (about 4000), and they always share what I wrote. The places in my community which inspire me are, my college, ASTF offices, and the places that we visit during our ASTF activities to support women and youth, I always asked my father and my husband for advice, because both of them are open mind and they are believe in what I’m doing, I always put my time, and big effort to address issues I’m passionate about  

Jan 30, 2016
Jan 30, 2016

Journal #1: My Journey

I am a Nigerian residing in Lagos State, one of the biggest cities in Nigeria although I am from the eastern part of the country, Anambra state. I am the second child and the first daughter in a family of eight children. I grew up in rural and semi-urban communities. After my tertiary education, l went to Lagos State (an urban community) in search for job. My job takes me to different places although I reside in Lagos. Thus, in the course of work, I had lived in rural areas for short periods. Hence, I know what life is like in rural, semi-urban and urban communities.

The main challenge we are facing now is poverty which has affected every facets of our life. According to the Federal Bureau of Statistics, about 70 percent of Nigerian population is poor. Women are worst affected by this problem due to lack of economic, social, and political empowerment.

To ensure that the lots of women and young people are improved in my community, I started an NGO that is dedicated to the empowerment of women and young people, my target audience and the two most vulnerable groups in our community. The major problem women are facing in my community is inequality. The resultant effects of this are increasing unemployment, reproductive health problems, maternal mortality rate, gender-based violence, poor economic and political empowerment.

To address this problem, I carry out both school and community programmes targeting my audience. I have been involved in advocacy, awareness creation, research, and intervention programmes –training and education aimed at changing the circumstances of women and young people in my community in the aforementioned areas. I will continue to work in these areas and to promote gender mainstreaming in all facet of our life. Specifically, I would:

  • Educate women and young people on human rights, reproductive health/rights, gender equality and ICT. To effectively do this, I would form a Platform – Gender Vanguard in schools and communities. Under this platform, my targets would learn and share ideas, and information.
  • Empower my targets economically by training them on entrepreneurial development and vocational skills for self- reliance job creation and job creation.
  • Educating the community especially men on maternal health & gender based violence and the need to support actions to reduce the problems.

To enable me attain these goals, I would need adequate funds, and materials. I would also need to equip myself with ICT skills and monitoring and evaluation skills.

Jan 30, 2016
Jan 30, 2016
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Jan 30, 2016
Jan 30, 2016

Journal # 2: My Assets Map

I want a society where women and young people rights- human, health, economic, social and political are recognized and respected. I also envision a society where women and young people are empowered to position them better for self-reliance, family and community development.

Among others, I have excellent training/facilitation, writing, advocacy, interpersonal, communication and presentation skills. These skills I would bring to bear in advocating and promoting women and young people issues from a right based perspective. Even with the funding difficulty I experience, I had and would continue to use my personal resources- financial and material to promote women and young people cause.

When in need for clarification, advice, and direction, depending on the issue, I turn to my family, trusted friends and colleagues that I know their antecedents and capacity.