Week 5 of Advanced Digital Changemaking training

Maya Muñoz-Tobón
Posted February 27, 2017 from United States

Dear Change Leaders,

We just finished our week 4 of our training, and we completed our Live Calls for Module 3, which covers our Story Awards program. Thank you for participating in great conversations with Kim and Corine, from our Editorial Team. We are enjoying reading all the entries for the Story Awards prompts coming in, discussing such a diverse and powerful issues for women around the world. Remember this assignment for the Story Awards was extended to 2 March, so you have a few more days to complete it and get inspire to join other sharing stories about our women's global movement through our Women Rising call for stories.

These dialogues and connections are the core of what we are at World Pulse, and this training opportunity is bringing very strong conversations. Now, we are moving to Module 4 where you have the opportunity to create your own Elevator Pitch and focus your messaging. Please visit the Virtual Classroom and start reading Module 4 online or download it to read it on your own computer or device.

One more thing that we are really excited about isthe possibility to include actions in our stories, whether they are story awards or stories in your profile. You can do this by entering information for your readers and audiences about the different actions they can take in the "How to Get Involved" box. In that section, you can invite people to follow your website, join your Facebook group, add a specific hashtag to their posts, donate trough a specific website, etc. The possibilities are endless and it creates an opportunity for immediate reactions and support from your audience.

In partnership,


How to Get Involved

Start reading Module 4 and start putting your message in a short and clear form.

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Sophie Ngassa
Mar 06, 2017
Mar 06, 2017

Dear Maya, I really appreciate your efforts.

Dr Rejoice
Mar 08, 2017
Mar 08, 2017

Thanks Maya. Looking forward to the discussion this evening.