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Mayaya Mack
Posted June 30, 2020 from Tanzania

Amb. Mayaya K. Singu (preferably Amb. Mayaya Mack) young male Tanzanian specialized in project planning and community development, forest and beekeeping; and permaculture (organic farming) devoted all efforts to attain UNSDGs2030 and AU agenda by 2063 with vast experiences in NGO sector for more than 8 years; working as forest and beekeeping extension officer, community-based project officer; NGO leadership and management trainer, organic food forest systems designer and consultant.

I am a founder/ED of Sustainable Beekeeping and Human Development (SuBeHuDe Tanzania), co-founder and Project Coordinator at The New Wash Burn Foundation (NWBF) and co-founder of Ecosystem Restoration Camps Tanzania (ERC-TZ), country promoter and board member at Voice of Africans Youth for Good Governance –Tanzania Chapter (VOAYGG-TZ), and trainer and mentor at Shinyanga Ecovillage Transition Initiative (SET-Youth –I) and proprietorship at Sustainable Beekeeping for Development Company (SBDC), an entrepreneurship entity for pure bee honey and beeswax processing, packaging, and supplies in Tanzania.

Being visionary leader, go-getter, and young global development activist working as Goodwill Ambassador At SACO, Youth Ambassador, Global Peace Ambassador, and Environmental Ambassador at local and international organizations proactively in engaging, inspiring, facilitating, learning and work together with vulnerable youths/women to become self-employed for self-reliant, peace-builders and conflict resolvers, visionary leaders, game-changers, and engine for Africa continental and global development.

In the time of COVID-19 Pandemic crisis, single mothers and widows were and still constrained with a lot of challenges in this time of health, economic and social crisis including foods and nutrition insecurity, income poverty and homelessness due to that single mothers and widows can't afford to buy nutritionally balanced foods, temporary jobs stopped, unable to pay amounting house renting bills since the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic.

Food security and Nutrition balanced meals. Covid-19 pandemic brought so many complications not limited to economical crisis, food insecurity, and lacking nutrition-balanced meals to cook and eat/put in their tummy. Economical crisis inflicted led to food insecurity and poor nourishment particularly in urban areas due to vulnerable and underserved communities women and kids and people with disabilities (PWDs) are more at risk than we can imagine. Decent Housing, Decent Home is also a health urgent need which would be forgotten due to the economical crisis caused by Covid-19. As two days ago I meet with a youth widowed mother crying along with the read "when I talked to her she explained a lot of challenges she is facing including her landlord wanting sleep with her to clear amounted unpaid rental bills. Most of poorer people women and children wouldn't even think of finding unfinished buildings to sleep in, they are /will be sleeping in drift ridges, culverts, market places, shop and well-off corridors, bus stands, big trees, caves and etc. These are two healthy themes that need urgent intervention to contain the spreading of the pandemic, recovery, and relief aftermaths.

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Jun 30
Jun 30

Hello Mayaya Mack ,
How are you doing ?
Trust you are safe?
Welcome to worldpluse .
Congratulations on your first post . Thank you for sharing .
You are important to us .
We love you so much . Stay safe .

Mayaya Mack
Jul 01
Jul 01

Hi Chi8629,
I am doing pretty well and hope you too.

Thanks so much and I care you all,

One love, stay socially connected in this time of physical distancing.
Jah will wash away this pandemic.

More graces and blessings

Hello, Mayaya,

Welcome to World Pulse! What a joy to know a new voice from Tanzania is rising up!

You truly are a visionary leader: for women and youth "to be self-employed to be self-reliant,
peace-builders and conflict resolvers, visionary leaders, game-changers, and engine for Africa continental and global development." I hope you hold on to that vision especially these trying times.

Please keep writing. Welcome again to our growing community!