Candles Dark side

Posted July 10, 2016 from Syrian Arab Republic


Dark side

Who does not love candles?

It come in many shapes, colors, and scents.

It give a romantic touch to any occasion, and it’s a beautiful, also an affordable gift.

But have you ever heard about its dark side !

Each time we light a candle:

It means no electricity which means we may freeze to death especially homeless families.

It means, thousands of us (healthy and sick, kids and adults) will wash up with freezing water of course in case we found it !

It means,our daily life will stop since most of the carriers depend on electricity.

It means, lots of trees must be cut to provide us with warm.

It means,and this is the most important one!!!!!

A big boom or a big fight or a new attack has occurred and we must be prepared for the worst.

It means,we may spend a few days or weeks or months in the dark age again and we had to learn the skills of surviving (how to hunt, how to pull water, how to preserve food…………many hows )

It means , lots and lots and lots of bad things will happen to us .

So ,next time you light a candle remember its dark side .

Mays from Syria

Still live....won't leave

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