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Our CEO Alexia Mays is a black woman who owns one of the most successful consulting firms in the South. Mays Development Group LLC, is the  south's leading minority grassroots outreach and research firm. We are innovators grounded in the best social science , diversity, inclusion, and people oriented research. We have decades of experience in diversity and grassroots outreach , target polling and minority research, crisis management, racism and bias understanding and training & messaging delivery. Her story is one of inspiration, faith and overcoming. In addition to running a business, she also runs a foundation dedicated to her family. Her education, success , knowledge, ethics, integrity and experience comes from years of hard work and a never quit mentality.  9 years ago, doctors prepared her and her family for what they said would be her final year on this earth. Alexia was born with sickle cell disease and battled it all her life with many never knowing the pain and suffering she endured on a daily basis. In her late 20's, she was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer, and in her 40’s Cancer returned. She battles thru it , all while working and traveling doing policy, grassroots outreach, research and capital hill initiatives. Whatever city she is in, she makes prior plans to locate their medical facility for treatment, in case it is needed.. Later, she was diagnosed with a rare form of bone cancer, one which many thought would be a battle she couldn't win, well, as she has always said her entire life, "Never count me out".  Alexia is a warrior in every shape and form, and she will never stop fighting for herself and others. She works everyday and she will never allow a bad day to stop her grind. She came from a legacy of fighters and history makers. She is the last of the Mays family. She suffered the loss of all of her siblings by age 11,the oldest later. Her mother(whom she loss on her 4th birthday due to complications of hysterectomy), was a proud Southern graduate, and an educator, who integrated the public schools in Plaquemines Parish during the Chalin Perez reign. Her father,(whom she loss at 6 years old due to complications of Sickle Cell Disease ), a Proud Southern Grad, who was the first black engineer at the Gulf Refinery in Venice, Louisiana. Her grandfather was on the front line for equality and civil rights and made education a cornerstone of his legacy in Atlanta. Alexia is a Proud USL and Tulane grad, and a Huge HBCU supporter. Her legacy is one of determination, committment and dedication to life and progress. She has stood on the shoulders of her deceased family and continues to fight for others who are voiceless and to also ensure that those elected represent the People and their issues. She was given a chance to live, to lead, and to make a difference, and that is what she has done every day of her life. Alexia founded the Mays5foundation in honor of her deceased family. The mission of the foundation is education and service, with commitment to the community. For more information on Mays Development Group ,LLC please contact us at our office (504)502-2054 or via email at ; [email protected] 

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Nini Mappo
Feb 10
Feb 10

Hello there,
Thank you for introducing us to Alexia and the Mays Development Group and your far-reaching involvement in the community under Ms May's leadership. She has had many obstacles in her path, but blasted through each with a tenacity and momentum that keeps her going, imagining, building, expanding, reaching out. It is incredible to see through your description how full of life she is, in spite of the infirmities that her body has suffered.
The voice of her life is vibrant and engaging, and a powerful encouragement to the warrior women on this platform, who are all working to build a better world, both within and without. Alexia has definitely done so, for she did not accept the world that her loses suggested, or the one that ill-health and her doctors prescribed. And not only from her leadership and achievements can we reap such gems to aid our own development, but also from her approach to life and handling of discouraging circumstances.
Thank you for sharing her story. We look forward to reading more about the transformational exploits of Mays Development Group as you continue to reach out to your community.
Wishing you a productive year, in sisterhood.

Susu Mohamed
Feb 12
Feb 12

Hello Dearest,
Thankfully your clarification to the alexia and Maya Development group your group is doing great work bravo keep up going. I like every women or group's that works in the community.
I appreciate you raised your voice.

Beth Lacey
Feb 12
Feb 12

I had heard about Mays Development Group. Thanks for increasing our knowledge

Feb 13
Feb 13

Hi Maysdevelopment,
Wow! :) What an inspiring journey. Thank you for sharing a story of tenacity and resilience. Keep the flame burning as we'd love to read more from you. I'm glad that Alexia "continues to fight for others who are voiceless and to also ensure that those elected represent the People and their issues", hereby realising her purpose in life.

Therefore, I join my sisters Nini, Susu and Beth to warmly welcome you to World Pulse, your new family.....Yaaaaayyyyyyy! This is the place to be.

Congratulations on your first post too. 'Great that you are raising your voice. Keep writing and shining.

Best wishes,
E. J.

Hello, Mays Development,

Welcome to World Pulse! Thank you for introducing your group to use. It's great to know it is led by a great woman Alexia. What a resilient warrior she is! We hope to meet her here.

May 30
May 30

An Amazon indeed. She is really an inspiration to all of us. She didnt allow her circumstances define who she is. Thanks, I am inspired.

Harriet Okoro

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