Letter to My Daughter

Mbizo Chirasha
Posted June 27, 2013 from Zimbabwe

this poem reshuffled cabinet the rhythm resigned the president its metaphors adjourned parliament

my daughter awaken sleeping patriots eating peanut in slogan darkness rise dozing voters in the warmth of political acid awaken struggle heroes in graves tired of wrong epitaphs and fake eulogies awaken fat cats puffing propaganda burgers in slumber

rise green horns drinking much talked herbal tea of change grandfathers of patriotism to bring back truth drowning in potholes of grief god fathers of change to bring back my vote choked in drums of new renewed corruption

bring red hot charcoal to roast political bedbugs sucking our blood in daylight bring a word scientist to burn the justified injustice in poetic sulphuric acid

my daughter this poem reshuffled cabinet the rhythm resigned the president the metaphors adjourned parliament.

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Jul 25, 2013
Jul 25, 2013


WOW and WOW and WOW ! Such a heartfelt poem filled with SO much love and sensitivity. I just am back and am seeing this for the first time. Also, your daughter is beautiful and it looks from her expression on her face like she keeps you busy and running after her. She looks like she has E N E R G Y - a lot like her father is she ? Haha :)

I was checking in because I wanted to tell you I think of you often and the work you do and do not want to lose touch with you. I hear they are opening the borders between Zim and Zambia. This will be great for many reasons. Poor people in L/stone are pleased because now they don't have to pay for a passport which they cannot afford and can work more. Also, I remember at the border between No Man's Land seeing workers from L/stone having to go through so much time to cross over to work.

The main reason I have been meaning to write to you is because I saw a very informative and accurate professional on Charley Rose who has long term documentation of the effect of music on children who have post-traumatic-stress-disorder. (Which is many as you know). He actually has many movies of this showing the brain actually changing for the better. So, while you are trying to teach young people to use music and poetry as a life skill for income, you are even doing a greater service for them. Keep up the good work. And please let's keep in touch so when I am there sometime we can get together and discuss our visions and see if there is a way we can help each other.

Would you be willing to email me your email address: My email address is [email protected]. If not it is okay. I understand.

Thinking of you,

Ubuntu, Wendy

Mbizo Chirasha
Aug 05, 2013
Aug 05, 2013

Wendy iam greatly humbled with your sense of recognition and love to the work we are doing over here. Next month in September ,Girlchildcreativity will host a GirlchildVoices Fiesta event that will present ,films , photo exhibition ,poetry ,theatre and song . We will be doing this to define girlchildvoices through Artistic fusion .They are many ways female artists and young girls can spread their voices ,but the best and creative ways is through their talent and art. Yes one day we need to meet and share the whole scope of work and thus thank you for the musical concept i believe this as a strong way to send messages .Together we make a better world ,devided we can transform this politically volatile world full of super power supremacy ,wars and autocracy. Sorry for delay in reply was little busy with some school work and other things,