When hunger is the king, poverty is the prince- We are the Elnino generation!

Mbizo Chirasha
Posted June 21, 2016 from Zimbabwe
Drought Stricken Zimbabwe
Due Elnino , a lot of mothers, families , livestock have suffered from hunger and water shortages.
Drought stricken cattle
Drought stricken cattle: Due Elnino , a lot of mothers, families , livestock have suffered from hunger and water shortages. (1/2)

Zimbabwe is a nation not short of tragedy if not irony. Since 2000 which 16 years from now going backwards and 20 years after independence the country has faced a number of acute challenges that have left the nation poor , ungovernable and corrupt as well . The country has a highest percentage of HIV/AIDS though it has taken several strides to address the pandemic but it never rains but pours for Zimbabwe . Haunted by industrial closures, liquidity crunch, massive corruption, political violence and poverty.

Article by Mbizo Chirasha

Zimbabwe is reeling under serious climatic challenges that include heat waves , floods and droughts that has caused serious food shortages due to poor and unpredictable weather patterns hence low food production . Water is the major component of climate and it promotes higher food production if the climate is positive and reliable. Since the year 2000 the country has been ravaged by the Elnino scourge that has caused untold suffering the general populace of the Zimbabwean masses and the countries nearby in the proximity of the Southern Africa region. Many crops have been flooded and they failed to grow due to excess water and shortages of fertilizers. Some areas had failed to receive rainfall at all and that have brought scant crop growth and the agricultural communities where caught unaware , they haven’t learn much about climate change patterns and the effects that really has become a big problem in Africa in particular Zimbabwe . In some cases excessive heat have derailed the growth of crops, hence less food and excessive suffering of the people, livestock and animals due to acute shortage of water and food. The Elnino has also resulted into loss of lives of both animals and humans. Southern Africa need to be alert of such weather and climatic patterns and the scientific myth seems to supersede other myths that some carbons that are destroying the ozone layer are the ones resulting into unpredictable weather conditions and it seems a reality because a lot of waste from automobiles and industries have been emitted unchecked for a long time into the air. It is a food for thought for Zimbabwean leadership and scientists since Zimbabwe is a member of the International Panel for Climate and recognizable bodies. The farmers and the general Zimbabwean populace require education and information in critical areas of environmental/air pollution , water conservation, climate change adaptation and finding innovative agricultural solutions as adaptive measures to the effects of Elnino. Zimbabwe depends on agriculture and lack food means poor nutrition and continuity of hunger and poverty and again in that case the country will need to fork more budget on feeding schemes and drought relief instead of developing the hardly hit Zimbabwean economy. Many children are failing to attend school and hospitals are awash with malnutrition related and waterborne diseases like kwashiokoir , diarrhoea , typhoid , dysentery and others. Several women and girls are being abused sexually, mentally and physically as they go around their errands to try and make ends meet in search of decent social life , food and water leading to more despondency , spread of STIS and moral decadency i the country. Southern Africa Water Partnership with the Zimbabwe Water Partnership and other regional and international bodies and organisations like FAO and Practical Action are putting serious measures for sustainable food and water economy for Zimbabwe through working with Young people , women and grassroots communities in the preservation of water and sustainable methods of producing food for themselves and their communities. Such prevalent problems should be averted through various governmental agricultural, water and food infrastructure development programs and policies. Zimbabwe boast of a learned generation that is supposed to design innovative measures to stop poverty and hunger in the country that have since ravaged the country since two decades ago . Zimbabweans deserve a better and decent lifestyle. The lives of vulnerable communities like women ,girls , young girls and youth is under threat under such social , economic and climatic burdens.

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This story was submitted in response to Speaking Out for Change.

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Olaoluwa Abagun
Jun 26, 2016
Jun 26, 2016

Dear Mbizo,

I am one of the many Africans who have not thoroughly studied/understood climate change patterns and its attendant socio-economic effects. Thank you so much for this expository article. Indeed, I have never imagined that the negative effects of climate change are so far reaching!

Best of all, I love the solutions you have proposed to tackle the myriad of problems. You never know who might be listening...Keep Speaking!

Mbizo Chirasha
Jun 28, 2016
Jun 28, 2016

Thank you for reading and responding to the article . Iam quite humbled . Iam quite grateful  together we make a  better world if  not best.

Alexandra Fercak
Jun 28, 2016
Jun 28, 2016

Hello Mbizo,

wow.... what an eye-opening article! So many issues to work on in Zimbabwe. Climate change is having such massive impacts on some parts of the world, while some of us here in the US just sit back and try to deny it. 

Yes, it is crucial that the farmers and the Zimbabwean population need to be educated on environmental pollution, water conservation, etc. Implementing government policies to address these issues is necessary. 

Thank you so much for highlighting these challenges in Zimbabwe. It is so refreshing to read your post, instead of reading a mainstream media journalist's biased and censored article. 

Take care! And I will be following your writing and art! I am a huge fan of performance poetry! :)


Mbizo Chirasha
Jun 30, 2016
Jun 30, 2016

Thank  you very much Alexandra. Keep the spirit . I am quite humbled by your writings . You seem to be a good reader . Keep on keeping . I am glad that we have meet at this  wonderful platform. Together we save the world , our mothers , brothers , sisters and daughters. We are  together in shaping the world.