Down Memory Lane.

Mbizo Chirasha
Posted June 27, 2017 from Zimbabwe

I sat there immersed in my subconscious mesmerised by the stream of ink that flowed forth from my fingers

Fashioning words in a kind of unbridled passion then,yesterday called out to me to take her hand so we could take a walk down memory lane

There,my spirit danced with gladness and my heart pounded in my ears the adventure of times past awaited

While I,drunk on ink couldn't leave it to chance in hers, I placed mine… take me, take me back,my mind begged

Down the path of sentimental yearning, we trotted off to become one with a time and place where some songs stopped halfway and faces lay half hidden

To re-live moments once lost in time To laugh again with faces only I could see in my heart To smell the sweet scent of golden days past

If only, goodbyes were hellos then loss couldn't exist If only happy times stayed just like that then sadness wouldn't be …

But I, was there now, back then, down memory lane my eyes saw, my mind recalled and my hand recorded how could I… leave to live without the memories?

©Catherine Magodo-Mutukwa2017

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Mbizo Chirasha
Jun 27, 2017
Jun 27, 2017

 The Poet /Writer Catherine Mtukwa-Magodo is a mesmerizing  character , tactiful and hardworking.This is a very touching  piece of fiction.

Jill Langhus
Jun 27, 2017
Jun 27, 2017

Hi Mbizo. Thanks for sharing your poem. It's lovely:)