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Mbizo Chirasha
Posted June 16, 2016 from Zimbabwe
Expired on August 14, 2016
Mbizo Perfoming
Mbizo chirasha in perfomance

Iam looking for a grant forTheatre skills development in Germany in August 2016. The program/course will run for 3 solid weeks and it will assist develop my creative , theatrical and artistic skills that will help me further enhance my skills and expertise to work with the girl child in creative and artistic processes.

Iwas confirmed as a participant in this program , hence the requirement of travelling and course expenses amounting to $ 3000-00US.

This Course is a life changer , those interested to assist please inbox me here on world pulse or my email [email protected] ,

check about the course underneath,

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Confirmation of admission to the XII International Theatre Summer Academy Artistic direction Dr. Jurij Alschitz Hereby I confirm, that Mbizo Chirasha Born 07/06/1978; address: 6773 Bundo Rd , Budiriro 4 , 00263 Harare, Zimbabwe has been accepted to participate in the XII International Theatre Summer Academy Berlin, 1 -21 st of August 2016 Conducted by AKT-ZENT research centre of the International Theatre Institute details of the programme: Summer Academy_2016.pdf Or at: http://www.theatreculture.orgFinancial conditions: tuition fee per semester module € 980,00. The fee does not include travel or accommodation. Estimated costs for accommodation per month: 500 €. Berlin, 18th of May 2016 AKT-ZENT e.V. International Theatre Centre Berlin Research Centre of the International Theatre Institute Christine Schmalor programme director AKT-ZENT AKT-ZENT e.V. Internationales Theaterzentrum Berlin Research Centre of the International Theatre Institute ITI Künstlerische Leitung: Dr. Jurij Alschitz Skalitzerstr. 97, D-10997 Berlin, Tel. 030 – 612 87 27-4 Fax –5 e-mail: [email protected]

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The World Theatre Training Library / Laboratory Background information XII International Theatre Summer Academy is part long-term research project: “The World Theatre Training Library / Laboratory” (WTTL). It is one of the main projects of the International Theatre Institute (NGO in formal relation with UNESCO). Please have a look at : http://wttl.theatreculture.orgThe artistic director of WTTL is Prof. Dr. Jurij Alschitz, Please find information about him: International Theatre Summer Academy focusses on the Training of Trainers with the specific interest to get exchange with the different cultures through the young trainers and their approach to research theatre in their own culture. The aim is to facilitate exchange and collaboration between the individual artists and the supporting collaborating Institutes. We are planning to invite selected participants to continue the research in international laboratories. The long-term perspective is to create an international network of theatre teachers who are united by common experience in intercultural research for training. The creation of new and unique exercises and trainings by all participating artists will feed the WTTL. The main aim of research is “Training as tool for international artistic creation”, which includes the aspect of intercultural exchange. Through the different programmes, laboratories and researches of the participants and our Team of Teachers new exercises, rooted in various theatre cultures, will be created for a future theatre practice and new practice of theatre education / training. Therefore we carefully select the participants for this Programme. They should be experienced in multi-/intercultural theatre.

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