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About Me

I have over 27 years experience working in the field of water, sanitation, hygiene, environmental management and education, 22 years experience working in Gender and Development and 18 experience following the International Climate Change Negotiation. As a Gender and Water Ambassador my aim is to promote efforts fulfill international commitments made on water and water-related issues by 2025, placing emphasis on involvement of women in these efforts. My new area of focus is green economic development, sustainable development, designing and creating ecovillages and building resilient communities. Water and Environmental Education and Management/Climate Change To see the continent of Africa where all communities would have access to clean/safe water and adequate sanitation Water and Environmental education and Management/climate change

My Vision

By 2025 African communities should have access to clean/safe water adequate sanitation. Building resilient communities across Africa.


I am building a community centre in Kiromo Bagamoyo Tanzania to building the capacity of grassroots women in environmental leadership


I promote sustainable livelihoods, sustainable development and resilient community building.


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