Find humor in Bad stituations

Posted March 30, 2020


 I feel like The  world is shooting down . It’s about trying everything new . Because we hv never experienced this in the whole life of history. It’s sound crazy but it’s for real . Here there is no boundaries neither poor or rich . We all are facing it . 

It has not been easy with us especially those of us in the north west Provence of Cameroon . No lock down in our zone yet but we are doing our possible best to see that we are safe from this deadly virus . Staying indoors is not a death sentence it’s about our safety . And we also hv many advantages indoors . 

  All we hv to do now is to find humour in moments like this . 

We hv to allow our selves to experience humour in even the darkest or most trying situations.

  Remember this period is going to make a good story letter because of all what we hv achieved during this period  . There’s no negative thing project we instead doing all is for our feature benefits.

Here we are Turning our  crises into lessons.  We have to think positive here that’s this crises is coming to pass not coming to stay . It s a passing story and we most be positive about it . Positive about it meaning we hv to cooperate with the rules and regulations to fighting it . 

We always hv to start our day with positive affirmations. 

How you start the morning sets up the tone for the rest of the day . 

  It’s about staying positive indoors and it will come to pass .


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Jill Langhus
Mar 30
Mar 30

Hello Dear Irene,

How are you and your family doing? You have a new account?!

Thanks for sharing your inspiring and optimistic post. I appreciate your viewpoint very much, and agree with you. I think it's important to stay positive, keep a routine, and stay focused on what we have.

You may want to submit your story, or another story for the COV-19 story call? If so, this is the link:

Hello, dear,

Wow, you created an account for MBough Arts. Yes, you are right. Although there is no cure for the coronavirus yet, "laughter is still the best medicine. Humor has been one of the surviving factors of Filipinos.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us. Please stay safe.

Tamarack Verrall
Apr 12
Apr 12

So true that we are in the midst of something we have not experienced before, and need to learn new lessons on how to get through it. I believe in positive affirmations too, and appreciate being reminded that humour is also important.

Arem Chan
Apr 21
Apr 21

I hope you are and your family are safe and well. Thank you for showing us your beautiful smile :)
I agree with you in finding humour and starting the day off with positive affirmations!!! I try to remind myself throughout the day for all the things to be grateful...and I am fortunate enough to be grateful for lots of things!!
Stay safe and thank you for your words of encouragement! xx

Anita Kiddu Muhanguzi

Dear Irene,
Thank you so much for sharing your post. We should surely be positive and remain clam because this too will pass.
Stay home and stay safe during this difficult time.

Chioma Nwaoha
Apr 23
Apr 23

Hello Beautiful,
Thank you for sharing
Warm regards.

Anita Shrestha
Apr 24
Apr 24

Thank you for sharing. Keep it continu

Apr 26
Apr 26

Thank you for sharing with us your humble opinion about COVID19

Sinyuy Geraldine
May 11
May 11

Hello my North West sister, thanks for this light hearted post. So happy to read something positive.

Ellie E.
May 22
May 22

I agree! Humor can be a relief in dark times. Thank you for sharing!