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About Me

My wheelhouse includes writing, growing edible gardens, cooking, painting, connecting people to each other and resources. I know I cannot do everything/be everywhere at once, so I volunteer for organizations, businesses or individuals who are also doing the hard work of changing the world. My greatest strength is writing and viewing issues from multiple angles at once. I love using the written word to empower people to use and raise their voices. I spend most of my time in the arts community, the garden, writing, reading, re-educating myself. Currently, my literary and research focus is racism as construct, structures of family within queer cultures, the industrial-prison complex, human hierarchies & violence, and lemons.

My Vision

To change the world by writing for action & create healthy, safe community spaces that respect Mother Earth & include everyone.


Volunteers can always help all of our work. Being generous with your network, folding others into it IS part of changing the world.


I can listen to your story and write it so you can use the narrative to change the world in the biggest way humanly possible.


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