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About Me

I am the mother of several children, and a wife. I live in a small, agricultural community. I formerly worked as a type of social worker. I currently work by taking care of my family and home, volunteering in my community, and I also work as a wildlife rehabilitator. I enjoy sewing and gardening. I have recieved a good education through the public school system, where I have lived, and I earned a college degree in the Fine Arts, which I recieved by full schalorship. I have lived in several states, here in the U.S., and I have also traveled to several countries. I am very proud of my children, and very content with the simple pleasures, such as making meals for my family, that we enjoy, together, and re-purposing old things into new creations, with my own hands. I also love books and art. I try to make responsible decisions about what I buy, how I use energy, and how I contribute. I believe in the ethical treatment of humans and animals, and protection of the natural environments of the earth. I am against the exploitation of children, women, the elderly, workers, animals, and the natural resources that keep our planet healthy, and ensure that there is enough for all of us, now, as well as in the future. I find it difficult to make the best decisions all the time, but I try my best, to make the best decisons I can, as I become informed, and can balance my own family's needs, with the overall good. It's not easy, but I believe having an attitutide of persistence, with the right intention, is better than not trying to make the world a better place, just because the needs for change and improvement are so vast and overwhelming. That's why I believe making positive change through personal contact is so valuable. When you can see how beneficial it is to work or connect with even one other person, toward a goal, it is very encouraging. I'd like to expand the network of people in my life, that I connect with, to make the world a better place. I prefer to connect with other mothers, like myself, anywhere else, in the world. By 'mothers', I mean women who primarily identify themselves as 'mothers', in describing their most important work.

My Vision

I believe that the world becomes a better place for all, when we share our experiences and values through personal contact. We find that our underlying human condition and needs are very similar. We can all benefit by having a postive outlook, and not letting any situation defeat us. We must have faith in ourselves and each other, as well as the wisdom of knowing how to use boundaries and guidelines to protect ourselves, and others. I believe mothers often have a special ability to understand how to protect, advocate, and connect with others to ensure security and prosperity, not only for themselves, but for their families and each other. I believe in a future that is better for more human beings, through the partnership of mothers, who connect on the common ground of maternal values: to nurture, to protect, and to persist with determination.


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