Posted September 22, 2020 from India
Can we imagine a world without birds?
Can we imagine a world without birds?: Such graceful birds are flamingoes Especially in their flight The flock of pink and white arrows Make a breath-taking sight. As they fly thousand miles away from Siberia to India To grow, breed and prosper Our winged-friends accidently stay Caught in wires, dead or injured. We build cities high and tall With tall and thick cables for electricity Is heavy urbanizing near the breeding ground? For our survival a real necessity? Poetry by- Dr. Meena Bilgi Development Practitioner (Gender/Social Development & Natural Resources Management) Painting by- Praful Bilgi; Artist & Coordinator (Interpretations) (1/2)

Description of the painting one- Scores of Siberian flamingos electrocuted in Gujarat, India by high tension wires, they migrated from Siberia to breed in the warm marshy areas of the state's coast.

Description of the painting two- Unplanned Industrialization and Urbanization killing our life savers- The Birds.


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Sep 22
Sep 22

Hi Meena,
Congratulations on your first post! What a beautiful painting. However, it is so sad that the birds were electrocuted.

We should all care about Mother Nature. We should live and let live. 'Pity that urbanisation aggravated this situation and I hope that in future, cities in India and all over the world would be better planned, taking into consideration plant and animal life.

We would love to read more from you, Sis. Keep sharing. Don't stop.

Love and hugs,
E. J.

Hello, Meena,

Welcome back to World Pulse! Congratulations on writing your first post!

What a lovely painting, powerful enough to depict a sad reality: birds caught on electrical wires and die. Ouch! I cannot imagine a world without birds. I hope they won't get extinct. I would choose birds over more buildings.

Thank you for sharing this artwork with us. Please post more. We would love to know more about you!

Nini Mappo
Sep 24
Sep 24

Hello Meena,
Your art is beautiful. That is so sad about the birds..flying to create life only to lose it in the journey. I see little birds parching on wires, I never knew they can be a hazard. Thank you for sharing this information through art.

Sabiha Hasan
Sep 26
Sep 26

This is a beautiful painting, can you share more about painter.